Wednesday, August 6, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

well i guess its my turn to post or w/e

ok we've been back from trip for some days now but i didnt relly kno whos turn it was not that it matters but this is me

doi g it was thehoblog bc it was like first gob disappeared and didnt post for two months and then para disappeared and didnt post for a lot of days and i was ook its happening again

yea well like basically all the shows i can think of that were tragically canceled have been on nbc so lol

um the show is about sebastian stan crying and me also crying. acutally its a good show but

maybe all her friends except one got their noses stolen so they only have one nose between them

nice talk about comics except i havent read two of those yet so i shant read your talk yet

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats the best news ever about that samcap mighty slavengers. its all happening

tyt for those jamz

today i ahd to write a letter thing for a form i had to turn in and i spent the entire day putting it off and literally like every hour i told myself i would start it at the beginning of the next hour and i finally did most of it and it took like 5 mins. just life

hm what elsei did today was cleaned my room some and wrote a few recipes and saved a lot of recipes and had just a few noodles for lunch and had tofu dinner and just lived a lot and yea

ok well on that mad eye i was bored to tears most of the time wow. i was reayd to go home by wednesday. altho the only good thing was when i kept having dreams about being at work and then i woke up and i was on vacation. that was good i guess. well i was reading a good book but i didnt really read much of it til the last few days and it took some time to get good so thats what happened

on thurs i have to wake up at 5 am and idk if i should not sleep at all tonight so i can get to bed early tomorrow night or try and jsut wake up really late tomorrow so i can not sleep at all on tomorrow night. i like none of those options cuz i like my sleep. wow i used to pull all nighters all the time but now im too weak. at least i dont have to drive to airport. ok if i do the first one like what if i do that but then i cant get to sleep tomorrow night and then im screwed to heck. ok you know what. im just gonna do what i do best. whatver that is

i wonder if gob will come back in the fall


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