Tuesday, August 19, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me

coolio stuff in your last post

ok lemme thik up some crazy days i had this summer. well there was the day when i had to get some hens from the airport and i didnt get a sleep and para was for some reason stayig up really late even tho she was tired and we watched the office on the couch and then i had to drive to airport w no sleep and i never drove there before and like there was a part where the road was really narrow n bumbity or smthn and i thought i was gonna die evry second. then i got thems and then came home and went to sleep for a few hours at like 11 am or whatevers and then i was supposed to make dinner but too tired and didnt want chinese food so we went to a mexican restaurant for some reason

hm there was a day wen i went to work at 6 am and didnt have any sleep the night before that either and basically all i had to do was make coffee and set sum stuff out and check up on it a few times and clean up and then just sit around for the rest of the hrs and then came home and there was no lunch so i left again and got a hot dog and then came back and idk and then i think i made dinner and then i tried to go to bed very early but could not and that made me feel bad inside and then the next day i had to have the same day so i only got 5 hrs of sleep that night

hm what else

those are my crazy days i guess

wow i keep missing mad eye so much. i wisj i had appreshed it more when i had it. usually the only times i miss mad eye are like june and july and those are fine cuz then mad eye comin for me.

well its just like the last few weeks since we got back have been kinda stressin and its just like wtf mad eye wouldnt treat me this way..........

now im listenin to my mad eyes and theyre making me miss that crazy place

today i woke up and i was gonna go out but then i didnt want to so i just stayed where i lived. i did some laundry and idk cleaned up a lil, had a frozen thing, blah blah blah, got ready, went to work, it was so busy at that place, just worked, left the place, went to subway cuz i wanted a sandwich and not a lot of places were open and i felt bad cuz it was 20 mins to closing and they were obv tryna clean up stuff and were starting to put stuff away and ik i hate when ppl come near to closing when im at wrok but then in came two more peeps and i didnt feel as bad. anyway the sandwich wasnt the best espec compared the the panera sand i had to other day but it was so cheap so i smiled. and then i came home which is where i ate the sandwich

wow this is so neat that i have my own blog. ive always wanted a blog

hawkeye is out for my toes

what the heck noah got a new theme. i dodnt like it......................

why are my fish right there

why are these tags so scrolling?

HEY YOU are you watching too?

ok you know what apparently last night there was a fire at the shoreview community center and yet the place didnt burn to the ground. somethin just aint right.

now is the time where i announce the game for next month!!!! it is this: everyone posts all the days when it is their turn to post!!

thanks you for reading my little blog

youre welcome

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