Friday, August 22, 2014

meat chunks

heyyyyyyyyyyyy me

wel im supre bored so im gon post again

but theres nothing to say

para is leaving us tomorrw

but hopefully shell be coming backt o the blog so thats really good

bleh tomorrow i have to work

tho i might have a breakfast so that will be good

today i just idk cleaned my room and stuff

ate spaghetti n meat chunks

just stuff

oh you know how yesterday i had no dessert well today there were a big amount

i had a cuppie

(and cooks)

wow we have all these cooks but i was planning on making some on tuesday

please let these ones be gone by then

i wish it was octobre

i wish my room was clean

i wish it were time for breakf

ok has gob started school back up yet and if so why wont he post

i guess it was just a childish dream of mine htinking he would come back to his blog

oh i played squares today but it wasnt the best

ok you know what i just felt badness so this is the end

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