Saturday, August 23, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy me

just posting again cuz i have to say what i have to say

well today was a p more eventful day. first i had a brunch at a restaurant and it was p good. then i came home for like 1 hr and then left again to go to work. then at that place i spent like a lot of hours talkin bout comics time w this one new guy who apparently really likes comics and this g whos been there for longer than ive been there and i never knew she really liked comics i just thought she was like vaguely into them idk. then the rest of the time i just cleaned up a lot. then i came home and ate my chunks and now im here

wow the guy at work like hes in noahs grade at mounds view and he has some similar intersts to noah so i asked him if he knew him and he said he knew of him or somethin and he was like "one time i saw noah reading a comic but it was some obscure  space comic" and i was like ah yes


para gone

hows your good old room g?

hows your roommate???

hows abs

hows abs horse

hows tom

hows all your friends you made frm giving cookies out

hows barry

hows it all

ok i guess gobs not coming back to the blog not ever >:{

dang i onyl ha ve one more day before school starts but its not really like a day cuz i have to work and like id rather be at school than working anyway so this is basically nothing

i wonder if when para finally posts she will respond to all my things

if she ever posts

wow mom is obsessed w her kindle game. amazing. what if instead of that she was playing kim kardashian and she was obsessed w that. ok that wouldnt happen but thats sometihng i just dreamt up. ok i was playing that game a while ago and when i started it i made a girl and i had to name her and i named her mj and made her look like mj and then after i did that i found out my girl was bout to be a model and i was like wow

omg para today i listened to a voicemail i got two days ago was from the comic book store saying my copy of ms. marvel is


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