Wednesday, August 13, 2014

time trumpet

heyyyyy gs

ok just why

wow some of us were doing so nice on this blog for the beginning of the year and then it got danged to heck. well that will suck for when we want to read posts in the future from this summer and there are none. well what did i say about this being thehoblog. too bad gob is dead and para hates me and my blog so they will never kno that our fish are back w their background and everything. its just too bad. today i got right up and ate granola yogurt and then went to target and saw falcons and then did the stuff blah blah blah. then came home and then left again for the farmers market and voted and got butter and that took so long and then i came home and had to make dinner right then and it was p good but there was a bug in it and some people hated it and just whatev. then i just did nothing. would steve rogers have done any of that. well i guess he might have gone to target and looked for falcon figures. and then excitedly texted a pic to para. anyway today was not a best day. wow i have so much to do but every frickin day i have to go a place. though i try how can i carry on. it used to be so nice. it used to be so good. this post is veyr nice i will love it in one year. ok i guess really soon we'll kno if things will go back to normal when school starts. the best thing i cant wait for is for this star trek hell to end. hm this summer has basically sucked on ice. wel l this night is completely dead i hate it. i just hate it. thank you bye.

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