Monday, March 2, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep

heyyy gs

yeah if you thought it looked steamy in those pics take a look at this

ooh steamy. im in a different room though.

well here's some more pics of me cause i had to use my webcam to take that pic anyway and my hair look okay today

dangit i'm supposed to be studying.

here's a pic of me studying

yeah i could smell that bar right through its wrapper.  yeah i ate it.

yeah we made up tho i haven't given her the wolverine i forgot. maybe when she gets back. the smarties didnt fit that great but i just shoved them a bit so they were at least stuck under it sorta.

bc he just dont got anywhere to stay i mean he could stay at school but the dining hall is closed to he will starve. his parents live in....california??? or somewhere???

nah i never watched that end of the show. maybe this time. this time baby i'll be bulletproof.

ok but its like you dont need to like a guy to ship him with your g??? well ok i don't really ship that i just can appreciate it a little bit idk pls dont judge me

no because the test is like 6-8 hours or something each day so that's way worse.

idk i thought we went pickin for straws last year but who knows. dangit i wish that was us today. i wish it was summ. did you know there supposed to be a blizzard here tomorrow pls send someone for our souls

idk but i need that fairy spide!!!!!

same icqcme!!!!

is that a pic of you from mad eye or???

what if classes were cancelled tomorrow that would be good??? i don't want this dang exam

wtfff they put the sound back on my world savvy video on youtube???  why did they do that????

when will abby return from the war??? and by that i mean from this survey thing she went to. why did she even go to that though nobody does surveys unless they get extra credit doiii

wait what's happening why are people going into that room?  no one live in that someone moving in idk


you know whats nice is my hair feels v soft rn

ok i should study

have a nice day!!

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