Monday, March 2, 2015

beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow it looks very steamy in that room. there was fire in this room a few days ago but it wasnt very hot in here

yqw bout your evil plan

ok the main reason i didnt take pics of myself was because  i had no camera and my hair looked bad

you culd smell that bar thru its wrapper? did you eat it after

aw g have you and she made up by this time? i hope she gets her tiny wolverine. how did smarties fit under her door

that spide he is so tiny! i love him! he looks so yummy!

ok thats what i thought you might have done with the wrappers from your valentines chocolates but i wasnt sure.

why does he not have anywhere to stay? he does not have a house? where has he stayed in other times? i guess for a few days would be acceptable. idk

yea smae about those ships but you just know nothing goes the way you dreamed for them so whats the point? wait did you ever watch the end of that show? i never finished it so i dont actually know what happened but i heard it was glug or

well doi im planning on watching agent carter but i havent got to it yet. wtf i do not like that thompson or wish to ship him w pegs but ok.........

ok i dont see how its any different than like taking finals for 2-3 days in a row except its just one test instead of a few tests. like that is stressful but its just what you gotta do

sorry for saying that summer thing g. yea did we even go straw picking last  year i dont think so? tho the last time we went seems like i couldve been last year but i also kind of remember not going last year? idk. we should go this year. and just do all the summer stuff. bleh im already really excited for mad eye wow. and i was just looking at pics from last year mad eye but there werent that many. there was a vid of you and noah and mom and bugs. noah got really angry at the end of it which was hilarious. tho one reason i dont want it to be mad eye is thats near the end of summer. i just want summer actually. i want it so much.

wow g you need that fairy spide!!!! how can we get him for you????

icqcme for you to be home!!!

ok what have i to say

i dont want to go to work

i want to have lucnh in 30 minutes

theres a cat on me legs

last night i fell asleep so early and then i woke up at midnight and then i got ready for bed and then i went back to sleep


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