Tuesday, March 17, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

hey gobby!!! i was going to tell you that we had been posting on the blog again but i didnt want you to feel like you had to post if you didnt wanna. but im glad you do!!! well i think everyone is just posting whenever they feel like it so that is nice. you dont have to respond to everything if you dont wanna. just do whatevs!!

cute baby!!! i must view it

ok para it didnt actuially look steamier i guess. just toastier. whatev

what do you get extra credit for? any class you want or every class or one related to the w/e or? actually idc that much but this doesnt make sense to me

theres a baby cat here

today i spent all day making a cuban. it was pretty tasty. para really missed out. haha yesterday i had a reuben and today i had a ceuben.
i was going to snap o f pic of it but the last four pics on my gram were of food and i didnt want the next one to be

on wordpress when it loads a draft it says this:

thats small. i wish the go blog was on there

ok this will only be relevant for the next few hours but if you play the dancing shamrocks on google and play this music at the same time, it matches up really nicely w/ the instrument playing and the dancing. i better post this soon so we may view this

hey para hows your spice


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