Tuesday, March 3, 2015

beep beep beep beep beep beep

heyyyyyyy gs

idk g the pics where you were on fire might have looked a little steamier. its hard to kno

was it a whole bag of smarties right under there or just some goosies?

well does he usually go to california or starve or what? i dont understand it.

yesterday you got the bulletproof song in me all day. now its back

but peggy is too good to be shipped with a worthless guy tbh

yea actually i think we did pick straws and it was apple picking that i was thinking of when i thought that we didnt do it last year. yea that was def last year when like we went really early and we got done before the restaurant was even open or something so we had to go slo or idk what. i miss this. aw g theres no blizzard here but it snowed a few inches today. good thing me didnt have to go anywhere but summy wouldnt have done this to me

yea that pic is from mad eye. i miss this

hm they one time took the sound off one of my vids and then put it back. i dont kno why they do what they do

what is a survey thing. why did she go to the war

bless yoo

ok nothing really happened since i last wrote in my blog so idk what to say here. today i tried listening to my book but i kept falling asleep. yesterday i went to work. cats are still good

thank you

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