Friday, December 7, 2012

cat commons

heyy gs.

ok wow i am not dead and i don't hate you...

like i said in my post 3 days ago i am just super busy with preparing for finals and everything and you could have assumed that's why i didn't post wednesday and thursday.

wow my roommate just keeps getting more annoying every day.  last night i decided i would go to bed earlier than usual because i had to get up really early.  so i turned off the lights and started to go to sleep while he was taking a shower.  but once he got out he turned on the lights without even asking me and kept them on for an hour.  and i kept trying to make really obvious hints to him that i can't go to sleep with the lights on like pulling the covers over my head and moving around a ton to show him i couldn't fall asleep.

well whatever, only one more week until my winter break!

oh yeah and for supernatural every once in awhile i like skim through a recap of one of the new episodes to see if something interesting is happening but it's like always talking about benny and amelia.  idek what is going on in spn anymore.

and the new star trek trailer looks awesome!!!!!  the homage to wrath of khan at the end of the japanese trailer was really cool but idk really how much the movie will actually really relate to wrath of khan if at all.  

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