Thursday, December 6, 2012

chicken oatmeal

hey gs

 well its kinda hard for me to post cuz my comp is broken so i have to use my kindle and its not the best to type on. but im bored so.

well wtf happened to gob. we just dont know. the last we heard from him was when he was leaving the tgiving place so perchance he never made it home. what a shame. oh wait he posted once since then. well that couldve been from.beyond the grave

icqcme for my g to be home!!!!!!!!!! she' ll be home for so long this time!!!! haha today i laughed because i learned that noah only has like a little over a week of winter break. hahaha. he is probably regretting his dumbo week long tgiving break now. anyway i hope ill be better by the time para gets here. probs not but im a lot better right now. but when my g is here we can have a fun ol time and i wont be so bored all day and we can laugh at noah being in school. even though im supposed to be still in school but i guess my break started like a month ago

yeah idk about spn and wasnt that the fall finale so you' d think you would be hearing about it. idk but all i ever hear about that show is stufd about benny and i couldnt care less about him. wtf is even this season. w/e idc. wait also idgi cuz benny isnt even attractive. ok anyway

what else is there to say. i wish it was dinner time. but you know what its not even lunch time.

ok gs im scared because every few minutes i hear noahs obnoxious laughter coming from his room but i thought he was at school. im pretty much fearing for my life. what is going

para when you come you should bring some spicy cheez its cuz ive been wanting them since you said about them but dad couldnt find them at the store. jj you dont have to.  but if you think you might want to then maybe you could go for it. well you might wan to because we dont have those here and youre gonna be here for SO LONG and knows what could happen if youre away from them for too long. it could very well be the death of you.




ok we're all wondering why a cat hasnt come on our bed today

para hows your big bed

i suspect a cat is on to us and knows we're getting another cat and now she hates our guts

ok beep boop

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