Thursday, December 6, 2012

cat party

Hey gs.

slkgjsldjgsd okay today I was watching a video that was like a compilation of people saying things and one of the people looked like Katie Utke omg idk if it was here but icqcml

Maybe Gob hates us now idk.

I also cqcme!!!! Wow haha I am laughing on Noah right now.  Well I'm pretty much laughing at everyone because I have over a month off wow.

Yeah idk what is even happening with Supernatural.

Omg have you gs seen the STXII trailer because slkjgdlsgjdsjlsjglskjglsdjgslgkjsdg dljg sICQCME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow that is scary it's like he is haunting his room. Even when he's not there his presence still remains...

Okay well here's the thing is that they sell spice cheese its at the c-store in like little bags and they also sell them at a normal store in town in normal boxes but I don't have any time to go to town so I just went to the c-store and bought a small bag but now I want to eat them so I think I'll just go ahead and do that and then I'll try to remember to buy another bag on like Monday night and then try to remember not to eat them.

Well actually I slept on my big bed for one night and then I put the other bed back because it was super inconveniencing me and also I feared that someone would see what was going on in here and just think I was this huge glug so yeah. But idk if I had the means to lower these beds and move them to where would be a good place for them I might do it.  Okay one good thing about having that bed there though was that I fell asleep with my computer on my bed and didn't have to worry about accidentally kicking it off in the night. (which has never happened but I still worry about it.)

See how much better these posts are when we can actually communicate instead of saying random stuff to the air?

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