Wednesday, December 26, 2012

pear celery chicken juice

heyy gs

 well i wish i could post more but its so darn hard to type a lot on this thing. whats everyone elses excuse. bleh i want my computer back already

 i think cm will be the best uncle. he was pretty much born to be an uncle

haha out of me, para, and noah who do you gs think will be the best first cousin once removed?

will the baby come to tgiving? well will nathan and kassandra even come. maybe it will come without them

gob why are you going shopping in the snow

 oh wait thats not what that says

 ok heres a list of things ill do when my computer is fixed:
download and listen to a lot of jamz
 download this one anime ans watch the thing
 make a fanmix
 photoshop a thing

 ok i cant type anymore rn

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