Sunday, December 23, 2012

cats apart

Hey gs...

Wow this blog is a wasteland.

Mewonders if Gob is dead.

Well I guess if no one cares about this blog anymore then I can just talk about whatever I want to...

Okay so I had a dream last night that was so crazy it that I was Spider-Man but then for some reason I had to reveal my secret identity to everyone like idk why it was kind of like Civil War except not really because I think I was in trouble with the law or something or idk but JJ was really happy about it and like so excited and idk. But I didn't want to reveal my secret identity so Tony Stark and I came up with a plan called steal a cooler of pop and then spike one of the bottles of pop with polyjuice potion. So we did that and then when I showed up to the thing with all the press people there I drank the pop and made myself look like Tony Stark and then took off my mask so then I pretended to reveal that Tony Stark was both Iron Man and Spider-Man and then everyone was like what now we have to love Spider-Man because he's Tony Stark what and JJ was super angry and for the rest of the hour I just partied as Tony Stark.

Yeah that was a crazy dream.

I sure with there was more posting here...

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