Sunday, December 9, 2012

chicken pizza

heyyyy gs

 whoa gob calm right down little guy. maybe your last post was so long ago that a person plum forgot what you said in it. that is what you could have assumed. also why didnt you say the words "turn off the goddamn light" to your roommate? just wonderin

well im about to go to a party!!!!!!! in fact im about to leave the house for the first time since tgiving!!!!! woo hoo i am almost better!! also tomorrow a great thing might happen. and then just one little day and thn my g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok sorry i started this post yesterday but then i had to go and then i was gonna finish in the night but i fell asleep

 well we were supposed to visit kitties today but now theres too much snow. so i guess we' re going on thursday. at least para will be here! happy day!! ok time for lunch

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