Sunday, July 1, 2012

para asks YOU

Hey gs!

Okay well what I was thinking is that for July we could have a thing where we don't have to post everyday since we're all going on vacation at some point... And it would pretty much be worthless to have that many replacement posters. But I was thinking that we could have it like you need to post at least 20 times this month. I think that would be a fair amount and it would prevent people from just not posting at all this month.

But also I'm going to say that you need to have your name somewhere in your post title so that its easier to count how many posts you have made.

Also I think we're going to continue the fanmix game? At least for whoever wants to?

But we're also going to have a new game that you don't have to play every time you post but you do need to finish before the month is over. The game is called:

Answer all these questions about works of fiction.

Also, you need to write some kind of explanation or put some pictures or something for each question. You can't just make a list.

But you do not need to answer them in order.

Okay well here are the questions.

1. Top 5 best vehicles
2. Top 5 best TV show theme songs
3. Top 5 least useful superpowers
4. Top 10 best holiday themed things
5. Top 10 favorite animated characters
6. Top 5 most annoying characters
7. Most good looking little thing you can find at a place where things are made
8. Top 5 best dogs
9. 10 parallels between two characters from different things
10. Top 5 best babies
11. Top 5 most impressive technology
12. Favorite kind of thing of the kind of thing that you like
13. Top 5 uses of a saw
14. Top 10 most delicious seeming fictional foods
15. Top 10 favorite villains
16. Least good thing
17. Top 10 best fictional species
18. Top 10 worst fathers
19. Top 5 best dead mothers
20. Top 5 best incest
21. Top 5 houses you would want to live in
22. Top 5 best teachers
23. Top 10 best uses of towels
24. Top 5 favorite organizations
25. Top 10 most interesting secrets
26. Top 5 favorite futures
27. Top 5 best uses of fruit
28. Top 5 most useless main characters
29. Top 5 best walls
30. Top 20 zippiest zoppers

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