Friday, May 15, 2015


heyyyyyyy gs

just whatever

3501. Is 'no glove, no love' your STRICT policy?
youre creeping me out dude

3502. What is the best Epic movie (examples of epics: ben-her, gone with the wind, last temptation of christ)?/
i have no cafe

3503. Finish the sentance.

Hey, Hey we're the: all star

People say we: love them

But we're too busy: busy busy.

The time to hesitate is: gone.

You're too: sexy for your shirt

It's a nice day to: die.

3504. Have you ever had 'missing time'?

3505. Have you ever sent an electronic greeting?

3506. If you could send anonymous tips to people you knew who would never ever find out who sent them who would you send the following tips to?

doesn't know when to leave:
i cant make sense of this

poor crotch hygenie:
im a hygenie in a bottle baby you better rub me the right way

talks to much:
para. haha bc she'll see this

band/art/dream is going nowehere:

most likely to get arrestted:
black man

needs to get their life together:

bad taste in clothes:

bad taste in music:
i cant rmemeber

needs a hobby:

3507. Are you more likely to download porn or disney movies?

3508. What is it with people?
whats what

3509. Do you eat too much sugar?

3510 Imagine you have aband. Let's name your band.
ok les do it



Your band name is (adjective) (animals) Under Glass!
i dont know abuot this

Could be better?

Let's try again.


Noun (plural):

Your band is (adjective) (nouns) With Puppets
i dont care for this

3511. Are you desperate but not serious?
what? im desperate and serious?

3512. Was there a time when you were younger and it took less to get you excited?
what are you asking...

What did it take then?
\can you mind your bees

What does it take now?
thats personal

3513. Remember learning to write in elementary school? 
what about it

We spend 2 years learning to print..then they throw that out the window and teach kids cursive. Why?
did we

If cursive is so important and easy to read then why aren't books printed in cursive?
its not eays to read

Why aren't cursive computer fonts more popular?
why do you have all these thoughts

Why do buisness forms always say 'please print'?
i dont give a heck

Schools are so preoccupied with teaching kids the complicated but traditional skill of cursive writing that more emphasis is put on that than on teaching kids how to clearly express their ideas through writing. I move that cursive writing become a jr. high school elective instead of a grammer school priority. Who's with me?
didnt read this

3514. Can you think of anything else (besides cursive writing) that is unhelpful, or unuseful, yet traditional and unquestioned? What?

3515. Name one female celebrity who you would guess wears size ___ clothing:
are you serious





3516. Have you ever been to a place where the restrooms were named in a clever way rather than just saying men's and woman's? I've seen Hens and Roosters, Bart and Lisa, Dudes and Babes...what have you seen?
ive seen it all

3517. What is the 'message' or 'point behind':

Fight Club?
oyu obv didnt get th point when you ask ed that other question. its points white guys can do what they want

Donnie Darko?
more white guys

whos al

Minority Report?
dont kno it

dont kno i5

A Walk to Remember?
the heterosexual stuggle

You've Got Mail?
heres the mail it never fails

3518. have you seen, and what are your thoughts about these movies: 

Drumline? n

The Hot Chick? n

Maid in Manhattan? n

Star Trek: Nemesis? n

About Schmidt? n

Evelyn? n

The Guys?n

Intacto? n

The Jimmy Show? n

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? n

Gangs of New York? n

Two Weeks Notice? n

The Wild Thornberrys Movie? its so good

Smokers Only?n

Treasure Planet?n

The Santa Clause 2? ui hate juliet

3519. START this sentance: ....and I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

3520. What is:

what does this have to do w a wonderful world

a social construct


3521. Tell us about yourself in the third person for a bit:
hob look good

3522. If someone breaks a law, should they be punished if they did not know it was a law?
this happened to me once

3523. If it's so much easier to learn languages when we are very young (and it is, something to do with the developing brain) why do they wait until jr high and high school to teach them?

3524. Name a band you sort of like:
th ebeatles

You are wearing that band's t-shirt in a store. SUDDENLY some guy you don't know comes up to you and goes, "Hey! You like (insert name of the band here)??!!"

This is obviously a really stupid question because if you didn't like them you wouldn't be wearing the t-shirt. Your witty reply is:
fuck off
3525. If you were organizing cd's in a music store what section would you put each of the following in (don't forget the 'bargain bin' section!):

Blink182 bragain bin

Depech Mode bargain bin

Weezer bargain bin

Led Zeppelin bargain bin

The Doors bargain bin

Avril Lavigne bargain bing

Nelly im not gonan type any more of those. the rest can go in the bin

Manfred Mann

Iggy Pop

Pink Floyd

Guns N Roses


Britny Spears


Ozzy Osbourne


The Rolling Stones

The Beatles

Motley Crue

Bon Jovi

3526. Does coffee stimulate your mind or body more?

3527. Can you do 'six degrees of seperation' to anyone famous?
jesus.i mean probably

3528. What's the oddest thing in your home?

3529. Do you find it odd when people who are not handicapped use the handicapped stall
tbh i do that:

in the bathroom?

in the parking lot?
oh i see. i do that in the broom but no lot

3530. Do you sometimes find yourself talking to yourself?
when im playing a v game

Do you answer yourself back?
i yell at the children

3531. In your head do you call yourself 'I' or 'you' or both?
donald duck

3532. What is the best excuse for why you haven't done your homework?
i dont havr n ay homework

3533. i deleted this question please kill yourself you piece of shit

3534. Does culture shape behavior or does behavior shape culture?
were a;;l a social construct just waiting for our tim

3535. What determines whether a person will be:





3536. What is social loafing?

What is groupthink?
could not kno nor care

3537. I have an idea. let's change the english language by making the words fewer, shorter and more concise. What do ya think?
i havent

3538. What are the physical symptoms of:

joy? dogfood

fear? spid

shame? cone

3539. Here's the scenerio...your little eight year old brother is hangin out in the house when you come in..and catch him watching the playboy channel!

What do you do/say?
hes 17

He says, "Why can't I watch this?" What is your response?
the porn industry is a piece of shit

Why do you respond that way?
i care aboyt  em

3540. Who REALLY has a higher sex drive, girls or guys?

How can you tell?

3541. are you usually carefree?
thats no possible

3542. Do you generally prefer reading to meeting people?
are those the opps

3543. Do you often long for excitement?
theres too much

3544. Are you mostly quiet when you are with others?
n ah

3545. Do you often do things spur of the moment/

3546. Are you slow an unhurried in the way you move?

3547. Would you do almost anything for a dare?

3548. Do you hate being in a crowd who plays jokes on one another?
i like jokes but i dont care for play pranks

3549. Do you enjoy wild parties?

3550. Have you ever paid for something priced more than $5.00 in only change?

3551. Is rascism still a big part of our culture?
snhut the fuck up

3552. A drawing was shown to a person. The drawing showed a black man in a buisness suit standing next to a white man holding a razor. The person who saw this drawing was white and was asked to describe it to a second white person who had not seen it, who described it to a third, and so on. By the end of six rounds the final report often placed the razor in the hand of the black man and it is claimed he is waving it threateningly. What do you think of thiss?
i didnt read this. its probably racist

3553. How many famous people cxan you name who committed sucicide?>

3554. Do you have OCD?
your bees are out of control

3555. Are you more anxious or relaxed?
what does it mean relaxed

Insecure or secure?

Socialble or with drawn?
whos ddrawn

Original or conventional?
original oven

3556. Are you more emotional or calm?

self pitying or content?
this is the kiind of content i signed up for

Fun loving or sober?
what? im neither of those rn...

Imaginative or down to earth?
i live on the moon

3557. Are you more Friendly or aloof?
im alive

adventurous or cautious?

Broad or narrow when it comes to interests?
the tallest man the broadest shoulders

recptive or closed to new ideas?

3558. Are you more good natured or irratble?

soft hearted or ruthless?
hard hearted

well organized or disorganized?

Dependable or undependable?
depends. haha

3559. Are you more courteous or rude/
why you goota be so rude. odn thyou know im human too. im gonna marry her marry her

sympathetic or tough minded/
i hate that fucking song

hardworking or lazy?

ambitious or easy going?

Anxiety Inscurity Emotionalism and Self Pity are traits of a neurotic personality. 

Sociable, fun loving, friendly and adventurous are traits of an extraverted personality.

orignality, imaginative, broad interests, and receptive are traits of an Open personality.

Good natured, soft hearted, courteous, and sympathetic are traits of an agreeable personality.

Well organized, dependable, hardworking and ambitious are traits of a conscientious personality.

3560. Do men and woman have little or a lot in common?

3561. Do you feel like any of the teachers you've ever had have REALLY cared about educating you to think for yourself?
some of em

Do you tend to try harder if they DO care?
idk sure

3562. Have you ever been stereotyped?

As what?
a g

3563. Have you ever been dsicriminated against?

For what?
being a g

3564. How often is your school and/or job closed due to weather?
who gets their job closed in the weather

3565. Who do you know that you believe does not masturbate?
captian america

3566. Does a cloned human being have a soul?

Why or why not?
it does

3567. Finish the sentance: As the world turns..I only have one concern...that:
it wil be destroyed

3568. What group in history has been the most oppressed?
black people

3569. Have you read any biographies?


3570. What are you obsessed with?

3571. Break out your decoder ring..(no hints this time)! t3ii9 8 i9f3 697 29h5 697 53ii j3 6974 hqj3?
you think i can do this rn

3572. Do you crack your:




sometimes toes

3573. Of the following powers which 2 would you pick for yourself? The ability to fly, breathe under water, turn invincible, change into animals, freeze and restart time, never gain weight unless you want to, heal people with your touch, have orgasms that last for an hour
well that escalated quicly

3574. Do you chew your penciles and pens?

3575. Can you tell the exact point where your back ends and your butt begins?

3576. When you are bored do you picture everyone eround you naked?

3577. What are some great holiday gift ideas for


eveyrrhting good

3578. Who looks better naked, men or woman?

3579. Do you sit in chairs or fall into them?

3580. Has anyone ever

screamed your name during sex?
iv e screamed my last name

moaned your name during sex?
thhose bees theyre out of control

3581. Hershey's kisses: mint, almond, hugs, plain. other?

3582. What's the best slurpee flavor?
ii canot think

3583. What are five movies that you think someone would have to be living under a rock in iceland to not have seen?
i want to live under a rock in iceland

3584. Of these words, which ones are funny:






none of them

What are some other funny words?

3585. Do you give good massages?

3586. What songs have been 'stuck' in your head?
why are they 'stucl'

3587. What don't most people know about your job?
its not that bad

3588. Is there anything you won't say unless someone else says it first?

3589. Do you need a little chrsitmas?
no thank you

3590. Fake or real tree?
i dont give one frick

3591. Is your refridgerator running?

You know what to do.

3592. How can you explain when there are few words you can choose?
a.lll my sutmbliny fraces never amounted to anything worth this wfeelinng

3593. Who can it be now?

3594. Where HAS Joe Dimaggio gone?
to mrs robbinsons house

And why does our nation turn it's eys to him?
what eys

3595. How often do you get headaches?
i have it

3596. Have you ever woen fake eyelashes?

3597. What could you spend 24 hours ina row doing?

3598. Is it Friday yet?

3599. Do you remember There was a time (ahaha) when people on the street were walking hand in hand in hand?/
have ya lost it

3600. Do you talk to inanimate objects?
if theyre a baby

Do you try to get them to answer you?
you lost it dude

Have they ever answered you?

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