Monday, May 4, 2015


heyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh now that im back from duluth i kinda wish tht wasnt over but too bad

wht tf is all this homework is it like studying o r just homework

you only got a few days to go you can do it g

nice pic!!! you must like a cold spide. aw g id post on imaginepetermj but i blocked myself from tumbl for a while

ok please help us we need some frickin jamz for morris but we only have one jam? wow i got bored of my dululu jamz so quickly and then on the way home i went through my entire ipod twice. please die. wait thats not what i meant to say. please give me jamz

today i did nothing cuz its 4 am. yesterday went exactly how i imagined. today i will do laundry, maybe go to yoga and/or work out, eat a corned bee, write a stupid thing, work, try n get jamz, i forget what else

wait i just got a second jam. but still


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