Monday, May 18, 2015


heyyyyy gs

dang i finished my gwenmj vid. its so good

bleh i cant find the last real post theres too many qs

ok found it

oh tyt for the jamz

oh i forgot when my tongue was bad that lasted so long but its good now

nice lil pic of u

ok thats it

wow mo is becoming so obsessed w dd???  like shes watchin the show but also she started reading the comics and looking up daredevil stuff online and tonight we watched a movie w the actor of matt. just wow

well anyway i loved the mixy my g made for me and i drew this pic while i listeneed to it

ok also i drew peterjohhny if they became a fusion like in steven universe. a fusion is like they dance and then they become one

here him are. except the originals were also like fusions ultimate peter and like hc peter i guess and comics johnny and mbj johnny so this guy is just a mess.  but after i drew him i realized hed be terrifying like he'd be so powerful w the powers of spiders and fire and also he'd be the most annoying person on earth and would not shut up ever. like

pls save us from this terrifying child who lights his butt on fire for a joke. 

although on the bright side maybe he'd have a normal amount of self-esteem bc if you combine peter's and johnny's maybe its somewhere in the middle lol

anyway thats all i am trash

have a nice day!

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