Wednesday, May 6, 2015


heyyyyyyy gs

just posting at a normal time. whatev

is it almost time to die in a good way or no

well i actually ended up w a good amount of jamz, espec for a just overnight trip so yea.

you poor tongue

ok g you will really like this fanmix js. it'll be done w/in the next few days idk

today i...wait icr what i did in the morning? like impatiently waited for time to go out or smthn? anyway then i had a haircut appointment and i left like 45 mins early for no reason. why does this happen. then i got my hairs

then i drove to alisha's house but first stopped at target to look in the mirror haha. then went to the mall w alisha and spent money that i barely had and bought three blue crop tops?? o...kay???? then went to barnes and noble and got a starbucks. then took alisha home then came home then ate sloppies thats about it. oh did some laudnry. i need to pack i guess. jk i can do that tomorrow

well icqcme to see ya tomorrow para!!! wow its like noah will be in school for a while and we will have this summer to us. tho i have to work a lil but other than that. icqcme to watch daredevil and see slavengies adn other. wow thats weird. its like summer wtf. today it was prac 80 degrees. anyway

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