Tuesday, May 5, 2015


heyyyyyyyy gs

aw g. that brings back fond memories. of drinking coffee in the night n studying. jk those memories aitn fond at all

well blocking me from tumb only lasted one day but i think ill go back to that. idk i dont wanna spend that much time on there soo

wow tyt for the jamz. i didnt really expect any cuz i kno you busy. i dont kno any of them jamz heck yea

aw g that day sounds pretty rusty tbh

in my day i will go to an appointment and then come h ome and eat a sandwich and then go to another appointment and then go to the bookstore and plant store and then come home and dinner and workout idk what else

bleh lately ive been doing this thing where im in bed just chilling around like 11 or 12 and then suddenly i get super tired and fall asleep but im not ready for bed yet so i sleep until 1 or 2 and i wake up and im like whys the light on. then i have to get up and get ready for bed. i hate it.

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