Sunday, May 3, 2015


heyyyy gsssss

tyt about my pic! yeah thats the group!!!!

well tbh its boring in morris 2

ok nothings hap theres nothing to say i have so much hw to do but so much has already been done i spent all weekend doing hw

heres my day. i woke up. got dressed. ate lunch. did homework. ate dinner. did homework. ate midnight breakfast. wrote this post.

probably gonna do more homework when i finish this. can i ever live

well on thurs i can live. its not that far away. summer is almost here for us.

i drew this.
why do i keep drawing spide being really cold.

i wanted to draw petermj but i didn't know what to imagine. if only there was a blog that could tell me.....

anyways thats all have a nice day

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