Thursday, July 3, 2014

chapter 5

Everyone thought their food was the best food ever.  Even a small girl who was named MJ loved her best food. She ate almost too many. When she saw how much food everyone ate she laughed. "Wow I ate more food than you," she said to Gwen. Gwen just frowned. Everyone also laughed at themselves. MJ just loved food. Soon Kitty arrived with her friends. "Aren't you dead?" asked everyone. Jean laughed, "Yeah!" then she left. Kitty only felt hunger so she went and filled her bowl with lamb and noodles and broccoli and some nice carrots with some good spinach and a really nice special sauce. Then she said, "This needs some good tomatoes." But there were no tomatoes to put on her food so she threw it at Captain America. Cap caught it in his mouth. "Yum!" he said happily. "Now I've eaten something good!" Kitty felt angry. She wanted Cap to be dead. So she started to scream. "Please die!" she screamed. Cap just felt satisfied by having eaten a good meal. He turned and said, "How many noodles did I eat?" Everyone just couldn't believe how many noodles he ate when he told them. At first, Professor Bohrod didn't want anything because she was feeling blue. But then a waiter said, "Here's some tofu," so she immediately went and got something good. Everyone was satisfied but Kitty wasn't. She felt like a small Kitty that didn't get any food. She promised herself that she would be satisfied the next time they came to the Bowl Place. But she wanted to kill Captain America still. 

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman was still trapped under a table for being too hungry and eating all of the tomatoes at the place. "Can someone let this go?" she said, but nobody could want to so she felt extremely blue. Then Captain Marvel let it go. She said, "I'm going to let it go." Then she flipped over the table and pulled Spider-Woman to her feet and kissed her and then they left. 

Meanwhile, in the country of Latveria, there was a disturbance but nobody cared because they weren't there. Everyone was having dinner at the Bowl Place. Only one man was aware and his name was Nova. But he couldn't do anything because the guy who he was trying to kill was not a man who would listen so Nova just left. Back in the United States of America there was someone still waiting to get their dinner at the Bowl Place. This person was named Beast. Unfortunately everyone had left and he was feeling blue. 

Meanwhile, Wolverine felt blue. He couldn't find the door. He said, "Why this happen?" Then his door came back. "Why this happen?' Wolverine only wanted to go to the bathroom. He snook a look and quickly saw that his friend, Kitty was outside peeing. "Hey!" he said growly. "That's my spot for peeing!" Kitty ran away. Wolverine went out and ran around his yard trying to find a new spot. "Ah this look good." Then he let himself go. After that he remembered to wash his hands and use soap. He sniffed his claws and said, "This needs to be washed by me." But he didn't want anyone to know. So he hid behind his tree and licked his claws. Unfortunately someone saw him. This guy was on his roof. He was a very normal kind of guy. He wasn't really that normal but he tried. His name was secret but most people called him by the name, Cyclops. When Wolverine finished cleaning those claws he saw Cyclops and screamed, "Please let me be!" Cyclops just said, "I know your secret." Wolverine realized that Cyclops could tell Jean. He decided he had to kill Cyclops before he was able to peep. 

Meanwhile, there was someone washing their own claws. This person was named Hawkeye. She was so small that she couldn't be any smaller. Everyone around her just loved that. "Please stop that right now," said Hawkeye to her fans. "I just need to live." Someone said, "I love cats." So Hawkeye said, "That's cool, but you need to let me live." Just then, Spider-Man swung through the window and saw everyone and saw that they were loving a cat. "What about me?" he said sadly. "Don't anyone love a spider?" Then MJ said, "I don't! And Spider-Man felt blue. Hawkeye said, "You look so tasty!" So she licked him. "Please just don't," said Spider-Man, but she started chewing on his toes. "Hey those are my friends!" Spider-Man said. He tried to pick her up but her scratched his arm. "Hey that's my friend!" he said. Then he left but Hawkeye chased him down the street. "Please stop!" said Spider-Man. He didn't swing high because he felt blue so Hawkeye kept up. Then she jumped on his web and he said. "Hey that's my friend!" Hawkeye swung into a building but Spider-Man also swung there. They climbed up the stairs and came to the door to someone's office. It was someone named She-Hulk. "I know this place," said Hawkeye. Spider-Man said. "I have no idea who this lawyer is but I can't help but find her really cool. I think we need to talk about our friend, my friend, everyone's friend, Captain America." They knocked upon the door and then She-Hulk said, "Who's coming here?" They said, "Just us." So she said, "Come right in." Hawkeye jumped onto She-Hulk's lap. "Hello Hulk!" she meowed. "Well if it isn't Hawkeye," said She-Hulk. "How are your life?" They talked for forty-five minutes. Spider-Man felt blue because nobody care about him. So he left. 

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