Friday, July 25, 2014

what the hair

Hey gs

Okay lets do this let's do this

How can it be the Hoblog when most of the post this month have been my dumb drawings js

Wow do all shows on nbc just have hecked up endings just what

What's that show even about idek

Bleh I can't even think about that tasm3 thing it makes me want to slaughter 10 men each of them larger than the last

Maybe all of her friends is just one person so they only have one nose... like here is all of my friends. that's just one person. yeah but that's them all. or maybe she has two friends one is normal the other is the dark lord voldemort so there's only one nose there. Or maybe they have one big nose they all share. We just do not know

Now it's gonna be let's talk about comics time I guess but I don't even remember what I still gotta do so let's see

Ms. Marvel #6
*Dang this comic is so good and cute this comic is what all comics should aspire to be like
*Haha at first when I read this I thought the growling in the pothole might be Wolverine lol but it wasn't
*"you're a bird"
*of course the clone of Thomas Edison would be evil
*"wow. such athletic. very claws. so amaze."
*Wow when Kamala does her lil dance when she meets Wolverine that's so small pls destroy me
*How tall is Kamala? Well, taller than Wolverine lol
*I want to read that Wolverine and Storm in space fanfic!!!!!!!!!!
*But I do not want to read that Emma and Scott fic ntyt
*Aw Kamala feelin bad for the alligator that's small
*Wolverine ball!
*Well Kamala can be healing factor twinsies with Peter when she meets him. And huge nerd twinsies. And I was/am a teen superhero twinsies I guess.
*Dangit tho I kind of wish Peter was coming to Ms. Marvel instead of Kamala coming to ASM bc this book has better writing and better art bleh idk about Slott writing Kamala...but whatevs I am still really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Original Sin #6
*Does Nick Fury even like anyone???
*The only one of those ppl I would trust to keep the world save is Black Panther tbh
*Um what did Fury do to Buck?
*Dang the Avengers look so cute in their matching armor...but why
*Um is that guy on the last page still Nick Fury what happen???

She-Hulk #6
*Dang the art in this issue is so disappointing bc you see the cover and you're like ah beautiful Kevin Wada art!!! And then you turn the page and you're like oh okay it's Javier Pulido art that's still cute! And then you turn the page again and you see the real comic and it's the ugly Ron Wimberly art and you're like oh......
*Aw man I feel bad for Angie
*"He-Hulk" lol
*Dang this comic is really good and has tons of ladies and poc and a monkey but...this art I don't like it that's all I can say :(

Well those are the comics from last week I'll do this week's tomorrow I promise

But WOW REALLY GOOD NEWS Might Avengers is relaunching and SamCap is going to be leading them!!!!!! (its now gonna be called Captain America and the Mighty Avengers I guess) I'm so happy bc now I can read about SamCap w out having to deal with yucky Remender!!!  Also Greg Land is not gonna be drawing it anymore!!!! That's great bc he is also horrible!!!!  Also Spider-Man is rejoining the team and it will be great this time bc it will actually be Peter instead of Ock!!!!! I'm so excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp here some jamz ????

captain america-the hit crew
the war was in color-carbon leaf
i don't wanna be (a superhero)-roadrunner united
moving to new york-the wombats
dick & jane-sidney york
here is a heart-jenny owens young
air-the owls
australia-the shins
this is a song-the magic numbers

Have a nice day!!!

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