Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey gs!!!

Whoops I forgot to post. I was having fun I was drawing and just having fun. and so I forgot

WE WANT GOB DEAD NOW!!!! jk we want him alive n postin




Did that get him?

That was good chocolate cake we had

Pls write that fic

Nice lil day

Wow that dream is something tho tbh I can kind of see why dream Para wasn't impressed perhaps was thinking that since Peter and MJ still existed even then when you would have written that story then maybe lil you coulda been influenced by that but that Dane Dehaan thing just can't be explained so

Oh yeah I was watching Avengers Assemble.

WOW so many new comics news thats so exciting wow first a woman being Thor then Sam being Cap and also I hear there's going to be a Superior Iron Man. That's p crazy since Thor, Cap, and Iron Man are kind of like the three amigos you know what I mean and none of them will be who they like to be. But that's fine. Idk who the Superior Iron Man's gonna be but I hope it's someone really good I hope it's not a white guy!!!

Tho one thing that kind of bugs me about the Thor thing is that Thor isn't like a codename that's Thor's actual name his name is Thor he's not gonna have his own name they're going to give it to someone else?  That makes me really sad for him. Also I thought his hammer was like bound to him now or something or did that get undid. Well anyway that just bugs me a lil bit but I still like the idea of a woman being Thor...just maybe they could have called her just the God of Thunder or something instead of taking Thor's name but

Falconcap look so good just dang

Welp have a nice day!

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