Thursday, July 3, 2014

petermj cap

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow. wow.................................are there kno what im tlaking about

noooooooooooooooooooo dont let gob kill our gf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aw g but the juicy gossip wouldnt interest you so

oh ok well im still mixing up stuff fo rthe game so. well i havent been but i plan to

but that g doesnt love spider-man that much idk

nice talk about comics. well the ones i read anyway. some will spoil me. oh i guess i can read the one for asm now. well ill do that later

nice day

WOW THAT FIC WOW............................ARE THERE WORDS..................I LOVE IT. THOSE ARE MY WORDS. ok i would say more bout it but you were there as i read it so you kno my feels

ok today i went to target and got some storage containers and looked all over for the glasses aisle w a dummie and got some frozen things and other. then i got chipotle. then i just bopped around for some hours i think. oh i mixed up something good. then made roasty veg pasta. and then read a comic. oh wait no i also read a comic in the afternoon. then i tried to do laundry and looked thru a whole pile for a certain shirt and had a hurt back and couldnt find it and then i found it elsewhere

okkkkkk well the night before last i had a dream where i was steve and i was in this very house w bucky + a bunch of other people and there were also some people who thought all us were evil or something even tho??? hello im captain america/???? anyway me and some other person got captured by them and tied to chairs in a room and i escaped from that really easily and i was like wow why do they always use these lil ropes. and then i kept going on about it like "they couldnt at least have tied knots? because that would make it so much harder to escape cuz youd have to untie all the knots" and the other guy was like "ok". except halfway through when i was escaping someone came in so i had to put the ropes a little bit back but then they left and i escaped. anyway then they found out this one g was apparently the red skull's daughter even tho she was dif from the actual red skull's daughter and she was supposedly on my side. then she and bucky nad some others were in a room i think and then we all escaped and ran out of the house and a little bit down the street and i kept lookin waiting for bucky to come out and everyone was running and i kept being like "wait!!! please wait!!!!!!!!!" and a couple of people only spoke spanish i think? or they were just speaking it cuz they were annoyed w me and they all wanted to just leave and i was like "ok w/e you can all just go on w/out me i dont care". wow steve please. nd i was like all ready to die if bucky didnt come out. and everyone was just kinda standing there w their arms crossed looking annoyed and then i asked this one g like "you were in a place w bucky. did they get him" and idk if she answered but then i read the comic book of where this happens and i found out that really bad stuff happened to bucky. then i woke up. nice.

wow ok also last night i had a dream that wasnt as craz but it was just craz that i had this dream the night after that other dream but it was like i was spider-man but this time i was hob still. hob was spider-man. and para was some other superhero who i forget and she had this bf and he just like thought i didnt like him even tho i think that wasnt tru idk but he really wanted me to like him for some reason i guess so he called me up and did this big speech and i couldnt really hear him nor care so i pretended to be listening and the whole time i was thinking about how i could just go thwip and swing around the room while i was "listening" but para was right there and i knew she wouldnt like that. also i wished the guy didnt kno i wwas spider-man so i could tell him

i wonder what superhero im gonna be tonight!!!

ok its let's talk about comics time

original sin #5
*well this was kind of boring
*blah blah blah
*that man-spider icqcml
*ok how did bucky kno about all this tho? or some of it or
*wow good ol marty and matilda
*haha that weird radioactive man-spider
*so fury was jus gonna shoot him and that would be that
*what does ant man mean why is he so old? he should be asking like "wow how old are you". or does he mean like "how are you even still alive if youre that old

im not gonna do that spider-man one

ok heres my fic

it was a blustery blistery day. but peter and mj had been planning for months on going strawberry picking today so they went for it anyway. before they got out there, they made a game plan that they were gonna get one good box full of berries. then they said a go team and peter swung them out there. it was with great difficulty cuz there werent many buildings around so they had to swign frm some lil trees mostly and they ended up just crawling in a field part of the way. but that was all they could do because neither of them knew how to drive.

when they arrived they were asked by the boxes girl how many boxes they wanted.

"two please," said peter.

"wtf," said mj.

"whoops," said peter. "that just slipped out." he truly couldn't do anything right. but now they were stuck with their two boxes and they knew they had to fill them up or the would look like fools.

"ok," mj said grinning. "let's make it a competish. whoever fills up their box first has us both dinner tonight."

"yeah okay," peter agreed, and they shook on it, both hoping with all their might that they would be the winner because neither of them had any money.

they got out in the field and started at it. mj immediately got down in the dirt and started shuffling around the bushes, looking for the most beautiful, reddest, juiciest berries alive. she hummed a lil song to herself and plopped one juicy berry after another into her box. she looked over at peter in the next row over, every so often and saw that he, too, was down in the dirt getting it did. he was pluckin em one-by-on and laying them gently in his box,looking lovingly at each one as he did so. what a guy.

before too long, however, it started to started to drizzle, and then rain. and then pour. 

"oh shoot," said mj, trying to shield her berries from the drops. "peter, we better go."

"yeah," peter said. "okay."

they both laid their baskets side by side and stared down at them.

"........................." they said.

"mj," peter said. "you picked like ten strawberries. and yeah, sure they're lookin really good but-"

"you filled your basket with bugs, peter."

peter said nothing. neither of them had the words.

"well, i guess neither of us wins," he said after like five minutes.

"tru," said mj. they both stood there with rumblie tumbies thinking boy are we screwed. then mj picked up her basket. she gave peter's basket one last horrified look, then marched off to the place where you buy your berries, leading peter by the hand.


there was a knock on the door.

"who's coming here?" aunt may said

"just us," said petermj, so aunt may said 

"come right in". peter and mj opened the door a lil and peeked their heads in.

"hi aunt may!" peter said. "we uh...brought you something." he pulled a lil container with a handful of strawberries in it frm behind his back. he held it out to aunt may and peter and mj both had big smiles on their faces.

"oooooooooo" aunt may said. then she said she would make them some nice dinner.

"phewsh," peter and mj said to just themselves. 

"don't worry," peter said quietly when aunt may when to start dinner. "in the morning i'm gonna get paid maybe probably. so then tomorrow we can go grocery shopping!"

the end

oh dang let me think of a prompt

ok my prompt is "bucky smash iron man"

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