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this is not about bucky

Hey gs!!!!!!

Here's what happen

But lbh his name is Goblin so it's more likely that he would return from Europe and learn he has a disease and try to get our blood and kill our gf

Aw g well now I want to know even more bc it's juicy gossip :(

Nah g we aint done with the fanmix game we still need to finish up all those fanmixies in the works or we fail

Writing fics aint hard g they don't need to be amazing they don't need to be v long just do it

Maybe that just wants to love Spider-Man w you we just don't know

It's time for let's talk about comics time

But these are now last week's comics oh well

Fantastic Four #6
*This was so sad just why
*Wow Ben shouldn't have said today can't get any worse because it did it got worse
*Go Sue!!!!!
*Also lol did that blast knock everyone away except Thor??
*Please not Dragon Man!!!!!!!!!!!
*Those teary children just what is this why this happen
*Well Jim Hammond is also an android so I think he should try to stop this don't you
*"don't call me buddy again" please god let this end
*Do you ever heck up so badly
*Wow Reed ruins every dramatic moment by being stretchy

Ms. Marvel #5
*That guy look so friendly just explaining stuff
*Wow she's like Pete in tasm when was bit by the spide
*Avengers vs aliens that's small
*Thank god a training montage that's not training from hell
*Poison dart frog burger wtf
*Wow just wow

Amazing Spider-Man #3
*What is the significance of showing Silk's face?  I mean it's not anyone we know...I feel like they're just doing that because that's a thing you sometimes do when there's someone mysterious and they're just copying that without thinking about why
*She's tried a million combinations really
*Lol it begins with 616 tho wow
*Well if she's really gonna leave she might wanna put on real clothes js
*I do not care about Electro at all sorry nothing you can do will make me care about white guy Electro
*Peter... wtf...just wtf
*Wow Peter just sent out that memo he probably came to work thinking everyone was gonna b wearing Hawaiian shirts but its just him and now he looks like a giant fool
*Well he is a giant fool but now everyone knows it I guess
*Also that shirt looks way too big from him doesn't he own any clothes that fit
*Why is Peter driving??? Why this happen??? He does not have a license!!! I mean clearly this is not supposed to imply that he does but just what
*Jameson look scary :-/
*Okay I find it very hard to believe that Felicia would act this way even after Peter told her it wasn't him.
*I mean I could buy Felicia wanting revenge she's a pretty vengeful person but not for no good reason I mean this is just stupid
*Wow I'm pretty sure Peter just put his hand through the wall on purpose nice job buddy
*"Did I really talk like that for months and no one noticed?" First of all, Peter, you should be mad about that. Second of all, Slott, making fun of your own bad writing doesn't make it better!!!!
*Okay if Peter's doesn't want MJ to have to worry about someone then how is her dating Ollie any better? He also puts his life in danger and it obviously v reckless about it as well!!!! I mean it's as bad as Spider-Man maybe but come on
*Lets face it neither Peter nor Ollie is good enough for MJ

Spider-Man Spectacular one-shot
*Dang I wish this wasn't a one-shot this was really good I would rather have comics like this every month rather than asm
*Why does a Halloween superstore double as an Oscorp workshop tho
*Wow baby Pete is so small
*Just Aunt May getting it did
*Wow Mr. Allan want him a piece of May Parker
*It's Miles!!!!!!
*"He's...he's out cold" um are you sure he's not dead???
*Wow this is so sad why this why teary baby Peter just what
*The second part is my favorite!!!!
*"I'm Peter Parker and this is my hard knock life" daaang shoulda used that hard knock life song in my Pete musicals fanmix
*This is really sad tho poor homeless baby Pete :(
*Johnny zapped Peter in the butt...
*Why is Ben calling Peter sticky buns is the question
*Wow it's Peter's American flag!!! icqcml!!!
*But also icqcm tears because Peter's note just goodness darn
*You should ask what would Captain Picard do instead because I'm pretty sure the answer would not be go into the sewers
*I love when ppl think Spidey's not v smart but then they're like wow
*Raise your hand if you kind of wanted Peter to move in the FF tho
*Tho then I guess we wouldn't have that cute Peter Aunt May hug so
*Try to imagine an issue of asm having a quote by Aeschylus you can't do it
*The art in the fourth part is really cuteeee
*But wow at the end of the last part it was like yay Spider-Man's no longer a fugitive and then right away in the next part he's a fugitive again dang that didn't last long
*Peter's lil suspenders look so cute
*The art in the last part is fine except I'm not sure if that's supposed to be freckles or acne on Flash's cheeks
*What I'm getting from this is that Kraven watched Peter change his clothes staring at him w that look on his face
*Dangit this ends like someday just gotta be patient... but it's a one-shot so we'll never know what happens dangit!
*I demand more!

Okay you might think that was a long thing about that last comic but it was a really long issue I promise!!!

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I chilled and then I had lunch and then I chilled some more and played shattered dimensions and wrote this post and then I had a pizza dinner and watched emh and then I went to the comic book store and then I came home and watched Star Trek and then I wrote the next chapter of our story w my g and then I watched emh and ate a croissant and then I finished this post.

Time for the game.

Wow this fic got a little long but that's fine

imagine petermj where mj stands on peter’s shoulders and they put on a giant captain america costume

It started with a joke.

“Hey Pete,” MJ had said.  “Get a load of this.” She was leading her husband through a thrift shop that was mostly filled with what looked like the contents of a time capsule that had been buried sometime in the early fifties. Why she was doing this, Peter wasn’t sure.  He thought it had something to do with some kind of photoshoot or something but Peter didn’t really know.  Anyway, there on one of the racks in the back of the store was a very old, very large Captain America costume.

Peter nearly choked on his laughter when he saw it. “Wow,” he said. “I bet we could both fit in that.”  MJ laughed. And Peter laughed.  And then they looked at each other.

Five minutes later the couple was crammed in a single stall in the ladies room trying to fit themselves into the costume.

“No, no, your head goes here, Peter,” MJ said, shoving Peter’s face between her thighs.

“Ouch,” Peter complained.  “Okay, okay, but your arms have to be down there.”

“Yup,” said MJ.  “Okay, I think we got it.  Now, hang on, I’m gonna put my hair up and then hand me the helmet.”

Peter and MJ stood in front of the mirror at the sink and evaluated their hard work. Or, MJ did, Peter couldn’t see a damn thing, but based on MJ’s reaction, it probably looked pretty silly, because she couldn’t seem to stop laughing.

“Oh my god,” MJ said, gasping for breath. “This is amazing.”

“This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to us,” Peter agreed.  “I mean, besides when we got married.”

“Truely,” MJ agreed. She paused.  “Hey,” she said.  “Let’s buy it.”

“How much is it?” Peter asked.

MJ looked at the price tag.  “Fifteen bucks!  It’s a steal!”

“Hm,” said Peter. “Well, Jonah just paid me this morning, so we should have just enough!”

“Tiger,” said MJ.  “We just hit the jackpot.  Again.”

Later that night, they got the costume on again and did a little bit of role playing in the bedroom.

“Bam bam bam!” MJ yelled. “Take that, Nazis!”  Peter jumped up and down on the bed and flipped them around in the air.  Then he punched at imaginary villains

“We get ‘em?” he asked.

“We sure did,” MJ said in a deep voice.  “Another bed is safe thanks to the American spirit.”

Peter laughed. “Wow you actually sound a lot like Cap.”

“Well, I am an actress,” MJ reminded him.

“You are,” Peter agreed.  “The best actress ever.  You know, I bet we could fool at least someone with this.  Someone not very bright, like maybe Hulk or… I dunno, Flash Thompson?”

“Nah,” said MJ.  “Not even the Hulk would be dumb enough not to notice…”

“Yeah, Peter agreed.

But the next day…

“Hey, Hulk!” MJ shouted, as they marched toward the green Avenger.  They’d spent all morning making sure the costume was just right, padding Peter’s legs and arms so they appeared more muscular, putting makeup on MJ’s jaw so that it appeared squarer…It was a long way to go for a practical joke, but the risk of being Hulk-smashed if it wasn’t successful made it seem a lot more worth it. Now they were both holding their breath waiting to see if Hulk could spot the difference.

“What Cap want?” Hulk asked, turning around. Peter inwardly cheered.

“Just checking up on my buddy,” MJ responded.  Peter could hear the smile in her voice, even through the disguised pitch.

“Hulk hungry,” said Hulk.  “Hulk gonna go get a snack.” With that he turned and trudged away.

Once he was gone Peter and MJ burst out laughing and congratulated each other.  After that, they were gonna go home, take the costume off probably for good, and go out for Chinese food, but then...Peter’s spider-sense tingled.

“What is it, Pete?” MJ asked, as Peter stiffened under her and turned around.

“Spider-sense,” Peter whispered.  “There’s danger nearby.  You see anything?”

“We’re in New York, Peter,” MJ responded. “There’s always danger nearby.  You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

“Are we next to a store?” Peter asked.


“Anyone in there look shifty to you?”

MJ looked through the window. “Oh boy,” she said after a moment.  “I don’t often describe people as shifty, but I’d definitely make an exception for that guy waiting in line...I think he’s got a gun.”

“Crap,” Peter muttered.

“Peter, we have to do something,” said MJ.

“Okay,” said Peter.  “I’m gonna take you up to that roof, and then--”

“Peter, there’s no time.  We can do this,” MJ urged.

“I don’t know,” Peter said unsurely.  “It could put you in danger…”

“Peter, please,” MJ said.

“Okay,” Peter agreed slowly. “But if things start to go south, then--”

“Alright, enough yapping more slapping,” MJ interrupted.  “Giddyup!”

Fortunately walking into a store as Captain America is a lot different than walking into a store as Spider-Man.  When you walk into a store pretending that you’re Captain America, everyone immediately stops robbing the place.  Imagine that.  Peter learned a very important lesson that day:  Spider-Man can’t get no respect...but Captain America can.

“That was amazing!” MJ yelled excitedly when they were once again in the privacy of their apartment.

“I can’t believe all those people didn’t even suspect anything,” Peter said in awe.

“I can’t believe we were on the news!” said MJ, flipping through the channels on the tv.  “Captain America saves grocery store.  It’s even on the Daily Bugle!”

“I can’t believe that was so easy,” said Peter.

“Peter,” said MJ slowly.  “We gotta do that again.”

“No, no, no,” Peter shook his head. “No, once was enough.”

“Oh come on, Peter, don’t you want to be a superhero with me?” MJ pleaded. Peter raised his eyebrows.  “Um, I mean you know, a different superhero,” MJ added quickly.

“Nice save,” Peter snorted.  “Besides, I don’t think Cap will be too happy when he finds out what we did, and I don’t think we want to make Captain America angry.”

But right at that moment something the news anchor was saying on tv caught their attention.  “Captain America is dead.  Merely hours after saving a grocery store in Midtown, Manhattan from a thief, the Avenger was shot and killed in his home in the Avengers tower by an associate of said burglar. The suspect in question is being held--”

MJ turned off the tv.  Peter and MJ stared at each other in stunned silence.

“This is all my fault,” said Peter after a moment.

“No, Pete,” MJ disagreed.  “This is my fault.  I’m the one that made you do it.”

“We’re both to blame,” Peter compromised.

From that moment, Peter and MJ knew exactly what they had to do.  Thus they spent the next several weeks fighting crime as Captain America.  Taking out villains with the American spirit.  It was surprisingly easy for Peter to fight in the costume even with MJ on top of him.  He didn’t even need to see, as long as he could rely on his spider-sense to guide him. And MJ was such an amazing actress that none of the other Avengers ever noticed anything was up.  They were surprised to learn that Cap was alive, but given who Captain America was, no one was really too surprised.

Then one day, Peter and MJ had just finished dealing with an alien invasion with the help of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four and were tired and exhausted but feeling good and heading home, when someone grabbed them and pulled them into an alleyway.

It was Captain America.

Peter and MJ started to beg for forgiveness, but then they realized that Cap was looking at them proudly.

“Um, you’re not mad?” Peter asked.

“Spider-Man...Mary Jane…” said Cap.  “I couldn’t be happier that you two were able to fill my large shoes while I was gone. You see, Captain America is more than a person.  It’s a symbol.  A symbol of the American spirit.  What’s important isn’t that I am who I am, it’s that someone is who I am.  Do you you understand, kids?”

Peter and MJ nodded vaguely even though that didn’t make any sense to them.

“What I don’t understand…” said MJ slowly.  “Is’re alive?”

Cap smiled.  “Are you really surprised?” he chuckled.

Peter and MJ shrugged.  No, they weren’t.

“Alright,” said Cap seriously.  “Now, you had your fun, but there can only be one Captain America.  Two, at max.  And Bucky already has dibs, so I’m gonna have to ask you to hand over the costume.”

“Right now?” Peter asked. “But...we’re naked underneath.”

“Yes,” said Cap. “I don’t know how you found my old costume, but I want it back...right now!”

“Yes sir!” Peter and MJ said together, and then scrambled out of the costume and shoved it into Cap’s hands. Cap held the costume up to his face and inhaled deeply.

“Ah,” he said.  “Smells like American spirit.”

Peter and MJ just stood there in front of him, trying to cover themselves up with their hands. Cap looked at them fondly.

“Okay,” he said.  “You’re dismissed.”

Peter and MJ exchanged glances, then they both saluted Captain America, Peter scooped MJ up in his arms and web-slung them home at high speed.  They jumped  through the window of their apartment, fell onto their Nazi-free bed and had the best sex ever god bless America.

Okay my prompt is..."imagine petermj going strawberry picking and mj fills her basket with strawberries and peter fills his basket with bugs"

That's all have a nice day!

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