Saturday, July 5, 2014

chapter 6

The guy who loved Captain America was just living life in America. He wanted his friend named Sam, the coolest bird, to give him some good advice, so he called him into his house where he and Kitty were living and asked about his friend.  "How do you know this man?" asked Bucky. "What you talk?" asked Sam. Bucky just quietly cried.  He was so sad because he felt sad. Sam said. "Why this happen?" Just then, Kitty jumped through the window and said, "I see my friend named Bucky just looking a mess." Then Sam said, "Please get away from me." Kitty said, "I'm going to get my shoes so I need to call my friend, MJ. She loves those shoes." Kitty left with her only little thing. Then Bucky said, "I don't want to live." He then said, "How do we do what do?" Sam didn't know what to say so he left. He went to the mall and found Kitty and MJ. "Hey Squirrel-friends! What's this?" He pointed to Kitty's hair. "That look good." "Thank," said Kitty.

Meanwhile, the Captain of America was crawling around in his bed. "This feel good," he said to his friend. Then his bed was feeling even more good. He asked his friend if he could just leave. His friend was just not having a good time. Then his friend said, "Okay, but you need to live." Then he left. Cap felt sleepy but he wasn't wanting to sleep because his bed was so good. "Okay," he would say if he hadn't gotten himself in trouble. Cap decided to not let anyone tell his friend about when he destroyed his life. The he just went to sleep. He slept and woke in the good old place where he fell asleep. It was his good bed.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel were having really good, really nice, really just some good hot and delicious soup. The best part was the tomatoes because they were so good. "My tomatoes so red," said both gs. "The best color is green," said one of the tomatoes. The tomatoes were talking but nobody could hear them. Nobody was listening. They were busy loving soup. Spider-Woman loved soup. Captain Marvel loved Spider-Woman and soup. "Let's some soup," they sang while eating their soup. Then they just loved what they had.

Meanwhile, someone named Wolverine was just afraid.

Meanwhile the little guy named Spider-Man was wishing he had someone to love him. Unfortunately nobody love a spider. Therefore, he decided to find a way to become a boy. "I'm gonna be a real boy," he said to his reflection. He started on Monday because that was his birthday. He didn't have anyone to remind him so he accidentally until he remembered. "That's okay," he said. Then he started to feel someone coming towards him. "Feels like someone's coming towards me," he said to his reflection. Then he remembered that forgot about his friend, everyone's friend, Captain America. Cap was coming towards him. "What this mean?" he wondered. Then Cap said, "I need to know what you're favorite kind of soup might be." Spider-Man actually didn't like soup so he just lied and said, "I love soup." Cap agreed. "Yeah, soup is wonderful." Then Spider-Man felt like telling the truth so he said, "I actually hate soup." Cap punched him but he missed. "That's because you are a man-spider." Spider-Man just started to jump around and say, "I'm so bouncy!" Cap said, "Okay, but you are so weird and radioactive." Then he left.

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