Thursday, July 24, 2014

the littlest seahorse


well well well looks like this is thehoblog now. thats fine. ive had enough of waiting for para to post honestly and i keep thinkin like well whats future hob gon do when she wants to look at posts from july 2014 and there aint none. tho i guess this is like my last post for over a week anyway cuz we goin to mad eye soon.

well obviously there isnt anything to repsond to

today i woke up and felt dead inside cuz i finished a show last night that destroyed my miserable body so there was nothing lef tto hold all my insides in and they all died. nice! then i found some jamz and stuff and mixed up some stuff. then i had some frickin little frozen waffles for lunch and i didnt want that at all. then back to jamming. then me and para went to the comic book store and i got storm and other. then we went to regular bookstore and i got nothing. then we came home and hunger consumed what was left of me. then i ate 5 servings of pasta

anyway please never wathc a show on the national broadcasting company everything i kno goes away in thne end. and i could have it all. my empire of dirt.. it wil let oyu down. it will make you hurt

what have i swetest friend

this is nice. thehoblog has such nice posts

i have so much to do tonight but i dont want it

i hav so much to do before mad eye but i dont want it

oh wiat today i also learned about tasm3 in 2018. ther eis nothing left for me but to die

i hope me in one year is loving thist post. hey g, what's up. hows things. hows it w less than one yr until cap3 hows less than 3 yrs until tasm3. hey how the fck was slavengers2????????????????????? anyway how ar eoyu w living your life. does anything have meaning again .. i hope not. bye.

what els ecan i say. he wanted her. shed never tell., secrely she wanted him as well. why do her friends have just one nose

well thank you

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