Friday, July 25, 2014

chapter 7

Someone small looked so good. The small person was just named MJ. She looked so good. "Wow," said she to her friend. "I look so good." Her friend said, "I don't look good." Her voice was bad. Her hair was so not did. "What the hair?" said MJ. She wanted to help the friend. but nothing could be did. "Please get away," she screamed so loudly that her little friend felt fear. Then her hair got a new look because she put her hat on her self and stuck a feather in her little cap. Then Cap came in and said, "Wow, nice feather," in Spanish. "Where did you learn that language?" asked MJ. She wanted to learn that same thing. "I don't remember," said Cap. "But I can tell you why I have to destroy my favorite little friend." "Who is that friend?" asked MJ's mouth. Cap said, "It's my friend named Spider-Man." "Oh," said MJ. But she wanted to know if this was real. "Is this real?" she asked. "I don't remember," said Cap, "But I'm going to tell him that he has three days to live." MJ said, "Oh, cool. But can I live with Gwen still?" "Sure," said Cap. "That sounds nice." "Thank," said MJ. "But I need to know why you are destroying that spider." Cap said, "Because he doesn't love soup." MJ said. "Wow, that makes sense." Then she said, "Bye." And left. Her friend said, "Bye," and started choking on her hair. Cap felt like leaving so he took his feather and left.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, where Professor Bohrod was killing her friend, Professor Xavier. She was feeling so good. "That's why I like to do what I do." She said. Professor Xavier was not listening because he had just passed away. After that everyone had been feeling happier because Professor X was so gone. "Hooray!" they all sang. "The most bald guy is exed out!" Then Magneto said, "I feel blue. But that's because I loved that bald man." Magneto didn't know anything about love.

Meanwhile, Kitty was just dancing and having fun. Her friend named Cyclops was also trying to stop from killing someone with his eyeballs. Kitty couldn't care about that because she was having fun. "Please don't let the music stop," said Kitty. Cyclops was about to turn into a very bad guy. But then, Kitty said, "I'm small." And then she did something really good. It was that she just accidentally killed Cyclops with her dancing. "Oops I did it again," Kitty sang. But then she saw someone coming towards her. "I can't believe it's my last chance," said the guy. "What did happen?" asked Kitty to guy named Wolverine. "I just need to kill you now." "Why?" spoke the Kitty. "I wanted to kill Cyclops but you did it so now look what has to happen." "Please just don't," said Kitty. "If you don't stop then you might regret what you do." Wolverine just started to feel like a failure. He had nothing left. "I have nothing left," he said. Kitty said, "Me and my big mouth," because she was just about to tell Logan that her friend, named Jean was still here. But she then realized that she had to save that girl from this Wolverine so she didn't.

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