Monday, July 14, 2014

don't anyone love a spider?

Heyyy gs

Bleh when will Gob return from his three month boat trip

Tyt about my fanmix yeah I hecked it up :(

Also tyt about my fic

Nice lil day. Yeah that was good SUSHI that we had

When will we get us that chocolate cake

It's time for let's talk about comics time but icr what comics I need to do still I'm just gonna do some of the most recent and then we'll see

Fantastic Four #7
*What the heck when will this series stop making me cry every issue???
*That what happened to Ben look v scary :o
*tbh think about what could have happened if Johnny hadn't been there to burn the cables what if it had gone wrong anyway what if Reed has just hecked it up and Johnny hadn't been there to save the day just think
*hey speaking of that are we even really sure it was Johnny's fault I mean all he did was sit down in it are we sure Reed didn't just heck it up and blame it on Johnny to make him feel bad and make himself feel better like that seems like the kind of thing he would do I wouldn't put it past him
*Bleh Reed's so scary and stretchy I'm afraid
*Sometimes I don't think I hate Reed as much as I do like bc I started hating him so soon into meeting him that I think I might have misjudged him like I did w MJ but then nope I didn't I made the right call on that Reed is absolute garbage and not in a good way
*Pls stop calling Johnny stupid everyone :( bleh where's Peter he needs to come cheer up Johnny asap
*Everyone time I see Alicia I am confused and disappointed bc I always picture her as she is in the FF movies that's just so much better
*"can you unlock it using your science" lol
*Wuh oh

Daredevil #5
*This was a good issue but idk what to say about it
*MattFoggy is really small it makes me wish there was someone who looked better playing Foggy in the Daredevil show so it would be better to ship tbh
*I can't tell if by "going out small was a better option" he meant it would have been better if they'd just said he died of cancer or if that was just a pun about Ant-Man lol

Amazing Spider-Man 1.3: Learning to Crawl Part 3
*Clayton is so annoying bleh
*lol "the drug lord of forest hills"
*Okay I feel like the part w the Vulture would be really confusing if you haven't read that issue like even I was a little confused until I realized that was what was happening
*Um don't we already know that Peter wins the science fair? Or is that a different science fair?
*"see I'm talking to an aunt" icqcml
*Wow that Reed costume truely amazing
*That's so sad just what
*tho lol that "to be continued...?" like yeah that's just the end he gives up being Spider-Man in the second issue that's just what happens

100th Anniversary Special #2: Spider-Man 
*This issue was pretty good......but the best part is the art pls let the art in Spider-Man books be this good in the future...tho when this issue is supposedly gonna be I'll that too old to be reading comic books???
*Well tbh parts 1-7 of this arc seem more interesting I would rather see Peter being corrupted by the techno-symbiote suit than him fighting Kingpin Venom
*Tho I did like how he did the whole fight entirely in his underwear that was great
*Yeah the second best part of this issue is that Peter is basically naked the whole time haha
*Wow I saw someone being like why did Peter shout "NO!" when Eddie died but tbh if you think Peter isn't gonna shout his lungs out when anyone dies meaninglessly like that then um you don't know Peter
*Plus you don't know maybe in the future they are friends I mean it says they came to an agreement to destroy the suit together that doesn't sound like they were really enemies that much
*Peter still looks like he's like 22 dangit just how
*Wow 48 years from now PeterMJ still aren't together pls destroy my life
*NOOOOO!!!! Aunt May!!!!! That's so sad just why
*Ah yes Peter sewing I love it
*Okay like not a lot happened in this issue I guess but it was really beautiful and sad
*Plus it was just like a nice good solid issue of Peter getting beaten up and being bloody and crying and naked so I'm really okay w that

Okay thats enough of that for now

Dangit I'm trying to put this vid but it needs to process idk how long that will take so I'll put it tomorrow if you see it on youtube don't watch it yet pls

Okay that's all have a nice day!

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