Monday, June 30, 2014

little bucky foo foo

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

but what if gob returns from war w a metal arm and no memories

aw g the thing at work was just like some juicy gossip goin around. dwai

tyt bout my fanmix :-)

does that mean we're done we the fanmixy maxy game? i have some mixes in the works still.......well writing fics is hard but ill try

ok my prompt is...."imagine petermj where mj stands on peter’s shoulders and they put on a giant captain america costume"

ok icqcme for fanmix and lets talk about comics time. i would talk about comics but i havent read them yet...

and i would fanmix but i havent mixed it up yet.....

today i woke up later than i wished and my family was gone. i ate nachos. my family returned from war. i chilled and made rice. i went to work. it was a good time. well some of it. i came home. i made fried rice. i ate it.

wow this g im friends w on tumbly keeps on reblogging spider-man stuff and tagging it w my name. what is the explanation for this

why did a bug bite me. why

where did noahs teeth go

what do laundry do

thank you

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