Saturday, July 10, 2010

Detention with Dolores

Well, I was gonna post yesterday but then I saw gob was so whatever. anyway this post comes in 3 not-good posts.

Part 1: a very firm talking to.
well someone's getting punished and it's not me. i guess it's technically gob, but I just feel like para coulda like noticed that no one was posting and done the post. idek why i always have to be the person who makes sure that things like this get done and why everyone else in the world is so darn forgetful. but i guess that's just how it is. but anyway i'm not gonna do that anymore cuz it doesn't matter since we've already not completed our goal so it doesn't really matter if we miss a couple days anymore. whatever. well you people decide who is getting punished and then that person will get a legit horrible punishment. it's not me because first of all i posted the day before, and second of all i was at alisha's house that day and i figured someone would make sure the post got done, but i guess not.
Ummmm okay...I just read gob's post and he didn't even say anything about the missing post. And para didnt either in her last post and no one has really said anything ever. Did nobody even notice? Or does nobody care? Or what? IDEK.

ALRIGHT JK NO MORE OF THAT. well by that i mean it's actually the day i'm posting this now, and ok, yesterday was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE day, but today was much bettter so i'm just not gonna do those other parts.

ALRIGHT. so i just finished this fanfic, and it is a Doctor/Weeping Angel fic...and it's so weird. i can't believe i wrote it even. like it's an actual romance thing. omg. idk. i was inspired by a song okay. but anyway it's probs like the most well-written of all my fics, which is ridic, AND it already has like 4 reviews and has been faved like 5 times and omg this is ridic. i posted it like a few hours ago and most of my other ones have like 1 review or something. and all the reviews for this one are soooooooooooooooooooo nice! like what the. i kinda wish my less ridic fics were more popular and not this one. idk. whatevs. anyway HERE IT IS.

wow. someone just said they could see what happens in that fic happening in the show. uhhhhh what the.

well anyway now i'm working on another doctor who fic that i hope will be so darn cute but idk. whatevs. alright. omg something crazy happened a bit ago. ok i was playing 20Q online, and I did the People category, and tried to make it guess Gareth David-Lloyd who plays Ianto, and look at this:

omg. i have NO idea how in tarn it even got that. like he's not very popular and those like seem like things that could be a ZILLION people. like prac. anyone who is not american and is an actor and singer. oh and in a band i guess. well whatevs.

Now i'm gonna give everyone some advice: don't turn on a vacuum when it's sitting on a pile of junk. just sayin'.
well i supposed actually i should tell you what might happen if you do, cuz otherwise you might all get curiosities in you and go and do exactly the opposite of what i said so you can find out what happens. alright: it might start to smoke and smell really horrible. yeah.

ok i am excited cuz tomorrow i am going to iowa for orientation and i am espec excited cuz i just love hotels. haha. well the last time i was in a hotel it wasn't very good, cuz i had to share a bed w/ para and everyone was annoying and i just didn't wanna be there that much, but this time i will get the bed to myself. also plus last time there was stupid non- wireless internet and noah wasnt staying in the room with us, but one day he was in the room for 5 miuntes and he BROKE THE STUPID INTERNET. cuz he was being so stupid and like wrapping the cord around him and jhsalkghasjkgas. well anyway when i get back a gob'll be in my house. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

alright idk what else to say really. maybe if you people just played the game correctly then it would be more fun, eh?

wow i was really un-annoyed and then i read the things for the last 2 times the game was played and it made me so darn annoyed. bleh.

1. Favorite song at this exact moment: idc
2. Most listened to song today: idc
3. Song listening to at the moment or last listened to song: idc
4. Song that goes with your mood: idc
5. idc


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