Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heroism Is Found In The Heart, Part 1

HEY GS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELCOME TO THE 200TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alright unfortunately i only have about an hour and a half to do this but i will still try to make it awesome! also, fortunately i have been working on something special for you!

ok now look at this.

RIP minnie. ):

and ok now...well i'm not going to yell at anyone in our special 200th post, but i just want to say i'm very disappointed in everyone right now. even me. do you realize there has been like NO challenge activity in the last like week or something? but not to fear because your merciful lord is handing out more extensions. um, i'm not sure for how long yet, but pleaaaase keep working on those ones and i won't even give you any more challenges...in this post.

ok g....have you ever wanted to listen to almost the entire dr. horrible soundrack in the form of a bunch of hastily made heroes vids?!? well, just in case you have, being the HUGE glug that i am, procured for you, exactly that. so yeah...i'm a big glug. here ya go. let's watch them in order.

arg stupid moist! haha

ok next one.

peter: you got a little crush, don't you sylar? well that's gonna make this hard to hear. see, later i'm gonna take little claire back to my place. show her the command center, petrellicycle, maybe even the petejet. you think she likes me now? i'm gonna give claire the night of her life, just because you want her. and i get what you want. see, claire's giving it up, she's giving it up hard. cause she's with captain sponge, and these *hold up fists* are not the sponge....the sponge is my penis.


ok, so that wasn't all the songs, but i'm currently working on "so they say" but its not done. oh well. i think i've made my point. my point is...that i'm a glug. yeah.

wow an hour left. ok let's see. what to do, what to do. how can i make this post awesome? ok i will tell a story.

once upon a time there was a goblin. his name was gob. he was very much in love with woman named elle, even though she was really insane and not even that attractive and whatever. anyway, yeah for some reason he just couldn't keep his goblin eyes off her. BUT THEN one day, he and elle were enjoying a move. despicable me to be precise, and they were making out in the back of the movie theater, when elle spotted something on the screen.

"she's so cute i'm gonna die!" elle screeched, pointing at the little girl on the big screen. during this outburst, she accidentally spilled her slusho all over gob because she was such a big klutzy glug. gob swore like an animal.

"ELLE HOW COULD YOU!?" he howled, standing right up and causing a huge commotion. "THIS IS MY FAVORITE STAR WARS T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

elle apologized over and over but gob would not hear a word of it.

"i don't know if i can ever love you again," he admitted, walking out of the theater, which was lucky timing, because he was about to be thrown out anyway for interrupting everyone's pleasant movie viewing experience, and talking over a bunch of really great lines.

gob headed straight to the laundromat because obviously his fave shirt needed immediate care. and that was when he saw her...the most beautiful creature his goblin eyes had ever had the honor of seeing. he knew right away her name was penny because that how true his love was.

gob sauntered over to the magnificent being. "ooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaay yaka!" he yelled.

penny looked alarmed. "what?"

gob felt like a fool! of course! of course she wouldn't understand goblin-speak! how could he have been so foolish!?!?!? "i...uh...i love the air," he told her, and then finished his business of saving his fave shirt from a stained life. once the faces of all his beloved star wars characters were slusho-free, he looked to see if penny was still around. but alas, she was gone. gob decided to stalk her because his sneaky goblin ways ensured he wouldn't be caught.

he quickly located her and was in the process of following her home when he was pounced on by his ex-girlfriend.

"you heartless meanie!" elle growled, tackling gob to the ground. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!"

"sorry! sorry! sorry!" gob apologized quickly, afraid that if he didn't, he would be fried to crisp.

"don't apologize to me," elle sniffed, "i see how it is. i saw her gob. i suppose you're not into blondes, anymore."

"no i am!" gob soothed, stroking elle's golden tresses. "i'm sorry, i love you!"

"no you love her!" elle began to cry.

"no! i don't it's nothing! it's...it's just in infatuation. it's nothing!"

"suuuuuure," elle rolled her eyes, not believing a word of it. "i'm pregnant by the way, as if you care."

gob's goblin eyes widened. his elle was pregant!? he was going to be a father!? suddenly everything changed. "elle," he said, lifting her chin with his hand. "i love you. i'm sorry i lost my temper at the movie theater. i shouldn't have. and i don't know why i was stalking this girl. i don't even know her. i don't love her. i love you and..." he stroked elle's tummy. "i love our baby."

"you...do?" elle said in wonder.


"good," said elle happily. "ok, let's go buy me things now."

gob agreed, helping elle up and putting his arm around her. together they walked off into the sunset. "let's name it minnie."

the end.

ok now the game!

1. Favorite song at this exact moment: brand new day
2. Most listened to song today: so they say
3. Song listening to at the moment or last listened to song: so they say
4. Song that goes with your mood: feeling good
5. zombie by the cranberries

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