Friday, July 23, 2010

Living the Dream

hey gs. hyst making a post. nbd. but im ot looking at the keyboard or the screen so idk if this is workin out really. but whatevs. alright well gob still needs to be punished. we are not lettin that one slide. ok here is my idea for that: BLENDERIZED HAPPY MEAL. EH? EH?

ok jj i was informed that that is not poss, so here's the legit punishment. and it is not optional

Gob is to blenderize at least 1 slice of pizza, and a can of vanilla coke, and then consume 1 glass of it, make a video of him drinking AND SWALLOWING THE ENTIRE GLASS, and put the video in his post. The time he has to complete this is: it must be completed any time before his first day of school. Good luck bun.

alright well idk what to say really. im not that much feelin like postin right now.




Alright g here's my inception fanmix i'm going to make up right now:
upside down bouncing off the ceiling by a teens
was it a dream by 30 seconds to mars
into your dream byforeign born
he dreams he's awake by stars
in my dreams by youth group
dream on by glee cast (aka the teacher guy and dr horrible)
a bad dream by keane
deep in a dream by frank sinatra
dream about flying by alexi murdoch
dreaming my dreams by im from barcelona
dreamer by atmosphere
only in dreams by weezer
in my dreams by eels
still raining still dreaming by idk
rainy day dream song by idk
dreamland by caetano veloso
dreams by dreams by jack johnson
boulevard of broken dreams by green day
trouble with dreams by eels
like dreamers do by the beatles
sweet dreams by eurythmics
dreamin by weezer
requiem for a dream by idk
these dreams are dark by harry and the potters

alright gs confession time: that wasn't real. ok i just typed dream innto my itunes and then made a list of all the songs that came up. and now dream is starting to seem like a not real word. EXCEPT THE FIRST SONG WAS LEGIT. also im thinkin the second song might be legit although ive never heard it but the title is askin the same question im askin so. also most of the songs on that list i've never heard before actually.

well. idek.

hmm. so far i've just watched a tad bit of avps. it's nice so far. i like the songs.

wow g this post is having more in it than i thought it would. cool.

gtg bbl.

well frankly i am just fed up with this. jj but i wanted to say that. ok

1. Favorite song at this exact moment: upisde down bouncin off the ceiling
2. Most listened to song today: uh i didnt really listen to music today really.
3. Song listening to at the moment or last listened to song: Map of the Problemique by Muse, apparently
4. Song that goes with your mood: Hungry like a wolf by idk
5. not poss to do really

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  1. Okay this game will not work if no one does #5 just start it again!