Friday, July 9, 2010

Where I Belong

Hey gs! omggg this sucks. we got into a marathon of suck posts again and i haven't done like anything on the fan challenges in forever. i've just been sooo darn busy with this robotics tournament but I have good news! tonight i have a bunch of time to write this post!!!! :D okay since our posts have been such a downer lately here is a nice big list of good news:

-This will be an awesome post
-It will include some cool/funny/awesome random pictures
-It will include a nice fan mix but like actually idk if it would really be a fan mix. I guess it's a real life fan mix
-We got 100% on our documentation scores in the robotics tournament
-This hotel has 24 hour coffee
-I just ate ice cream
-Geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
-Our 200th blog post is coming up soon and we can all make a big celebratory post together because..
-COUSIN CAMP IS IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahh i'll be back later. i have to go work on the robots. I promise I'll be back to finish this awesome post! :D

CC '09 Jamz

Float On - Modest Mouse
Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Take Me out - Franz Ferdinand
Oops!...I Did It Again - Britney Spears
Dead! - My Chemical Romance
The Library Song - Arthur and Company
Jekyll Jekyll Hyde - The Brain

Ahh cousin camp is going to be so fun! Here is a list of the stuff I decided to pack for it:

-A bunch of Wii guitar hero games
-A wiimote charger
-2 guitars that I snuck in my suitcase. Yesss!! My plan of sneaking guitar hero (which I've wanted to do since like 2 thanksgivings ago) finally has succeeded!
-ipod and all its cords
-phone and its cord
-harry potter 7
-a bunch of random dvds and cds
-coins to drop from high places

What I didn't bring:

-Netflix disc for the wii. I couldn't find it! D: Oh well, we can still use netflix on the computers.
-The guitar hero drums and mic
-A dog
-Tacos at midnight chips

Okay here is the game:
1. Favorite song at this exact moment: idk
2. Most listened to song today: i haven't had time to listen to music
3. Song listening to at the moment or last listened to song: same as above
4. Song that goes with your mood: same as above and i really gtg because A. I need to work on my robots, and B. I can't find where my iPod is! D:
5. Ahhh idek. This game is sucking so bad. Maybe soon we can like somehow make it better or something. idk

Here are random/awesome/fun pictures I found on the internet:

Doctor Who characters in simpsons style.

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