Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Talk

Aaaaaaaoooooyyyyyaka gs!!!!!!

First I'll start off this post with some awesome pics I made!

Did you gs like those?

Ahhh here is an awesome video!

And here are two great snapshots from it.

Oops actually I uploaded a different picture than the one I took snapshots from. I might upload the right video later but I feel too lazy right now to do it.

Ahhh I am missing Goblin Camp so much. D: Haha I was looking through my folder of the pictures and videos I took while I was there and there are 627 objects in the folder!!!! Isn't that awesome?!??!?!?!? I think sometime later I'm going to make an awesome video combining all the videos and pictures I took into this one big thing. Maybe I could get some of the videos and pictures that you gs took too.

Eww there is a huge bug crawling on my screen! Okay nvm, I just got it off. It's dark in here though and I can't see where it went! :S Oh well. Hopefully I flicked it some where far away.

Haha you know what I've been loving? Our video chats. They are so awesome and fun! Idk we have never done them before. I think we should have a gc with all of us over video some time soon. What do you gs think?


Anyways...I'm going to watch The Guild on Netflix now and see if it is any good. It has Felica Day, the actor of Penny from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in it. I'll tell you if I think it's any good after I'm done watching.

Hey gs. I'm back and I finished watching season 1 of The Guild (it's only about 40 minutes). it was pretty good and funny actually!! It was kind of like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog except without any music. I might watch season 2 of it tonight.

Wow gs, I just realized. I have about a month left of summer!!! Only 29 days!!!

This summer has gone by so fast! omg I can't even believe this. Here are my last month of summer goals:

-Take 1000 pics (including the pics I've already taken this summer)
-Take 100 vids (including the vids I've already taken this summer)
-Watch a TV show I've never seen
-Watch a movie I've never seen at home
-Watch a new movie in theaters (Probably going to be Inception)
-See the Harry Potter 7 trailer in theaters (preferably multiple times)
-Have a TV show marathon and watch an entire season or something in a weekend
-Get 7000 songs total on iTunes
-Get 1000 plays on
-Read at least one new good book. What was that book Alisha recommended me?
-Have a water balloon fight
-Get into some mischief

Haha I just found this really old status: Daniel Mutchler really really wishes it was semptember. Heroes season 4, Flashforward, Muse's new album, Paramore's new album, and Guitar Hero 5...probably more stuff that comes out that i can't remember too.

Oh yeah, 9 comes out in september too...

What good stuff is coming out this September that I can look forward to making going back to school be a bit better? Hmmmm....

There's Dexter season 5 and that's like the only thing I can think of. D: There's Guitar Hero 6 coming out, but I don't really want to get that. I already have more than enough Guitar Hero games. Blehhhh why is nothing good coming out in September this year?

Maybe I'll find some more good stuff that is coming out in September later into July/August.

Anyways okay gs, I had an idea. I know a lot of summer has passed by already and everything but would you guys maybe want to do Shenanigans 2.0? I think it would be really fun. Here are some rules I thought up for it.


-You must complete at least one shenanigan every day.
-It must be recorded in some way. (Picture, video, physical object, etc.)
-No one can ever know about the Shenanigans 2.0. They may realize we are doing "a" shenanigan but they can't know we are doing a series of them.
-No shenanigan can be done twice (including ones from last year).
-Chickening out of a shenanigan is highly discouraged.

What do you gs think?

Ahh brb i guess i'm supposed to go do some cleaning or something. idk.

I'm back. Oh yeah I just remembered. Para, this week I'm definitely going to work a ton more on the summer challenges! :D I have like most of a fan-fic finished and I just need to add a little bit and I have a bunch of ideas for other stuff.

Okay here's the game:

1. Favorite song at this exact moment: A Man's Gotta Do - Dr. Horrible Soundtra
2. Most listened to song today: Kiss With A Fist - Florence + the Machine
3. Song listening to at the moment or last listened to song: Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack
4. Song that goes with your mood: Good Morning (The Future) - Rogue Wave

Well I think this is a pretty awesome post and even though I have like a half hour more I could work on it, I think it's fine.


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