Monday, July 5, 2010

Trust Issues, Part 1

hey gs!

wow gs it feels like its been forevs since my last post but really it has just been the reg amount of time.

argh i only have an hour to do this post because noah wouldn't get off the comp!

aaah and lauren and sarah keep distracting me but inbd.

whoa g i legit thought gob wouldn't post yesterday but turns out he did. good goblin. g i wish this post could be awesome because its been a couple days since we last had an awesome post, but i think it might have to suck just a bit because of my limited amount of time.

ok well i will start with the game so i don't forget to do that again.

1. Favorite song at this exact moment: the rescue by american hi-fi
2. Most listened to song today: worst case scenario by the hoosiers
3. Song listening to at if moment or last listened to song: i can't remember
4. Song that goes with your mood: disease by matchbox twenty (because i have this huge glug cough)
5. ideg this q

ok new task.

Task #7: Now Take Those Songs and Make Vid

yeah gs. see your fanmix? take one of those songs and make a vid

Points: 15!
Days to complete: 9 (until july 14)
Rules: must be at least 30 seconds long
must have song from your fanmix
subject must be the same as your fanmix

aaah i still haven't finished my picspam and today is the last day so im just gonna spend the rest of my time working on that. sorry gs!

omg i can't stop coughing this is not even ok

ok g well i guess i will just post the thing now since i just have 5 mins left

and that's it gs! byeeee

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