Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Team Building Exercise

hey gs!

its a parasite and a goblin here again! hopefully this post will be really awesome because we have like four hours left to write it!

ok gs here is a vid we made of us at the park!

did you like that gs!?!?!?

now what?

gob: um...we do you ALWAYS type EXACTLY what i say!?!?!

ok g so we were looking at

wait first i think hob would enjoy this

oops sorry g we just got distracted by looking at pics of heroes action figures that were never released! it sucks so much! i really wish i could get some of those! like there was a adam one, and a haitian one, and and elle one i bet gob really wants! D:

aw well g. i'm almost over it.

oh g speaking of the haitian, before we got distracted, we were going to have a haitian picspam because in our first post we said there were going to be pics of the haitian but we haven't actually had that many.

did you like those pics, g?

ok now what?

1. Favorite song at this exact moment: idk
2. Most listened to song today: cousins by vampire weekend
3. Song listening to at the moment or last listened to song: cousins by vampire weekend
4. Song that goes with your mood: idk
5. butte montanta by hank green

aw g this post is not as awesome as i thought it would be. idk what else we could put in it to make it better. oh well g.

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