Friday, January 25, 2013

a cat in need

heyy gs.

idk if you've heard yet or not but J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well it hasn't been officially confirmed yet but two very reliable inside sources claimed it was true and it's being re-posted by like every news source, even like ABC, and USA Today so I think it has to be true.  wow that is so crazy though that J.J. Abrams will be directing both Star Trek and Star Wars...

i wonder what this means for his involvement in the third Star Trek film they make.

i think J.J abrams will do an even better job on Star Wars than he did on Star Trek because he has said many times that he is way bigger of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan.  and the fact that the new Star Trek movie was more Star Wars-y then Star Trek really is.

haha here is a nice pic of who J.J. Abrams will recast the Star Wars trio as.  jj :p

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