Thursday, January 31, 2013


heyy gs. 

this week has been so crazy and busy but now there is only one more day and friday is my least busiest day!!!!!  and then the weekend will be here!

okay so this was my schedule for today:

8-9 Music Technology
9-10 Music Theory
10-11 Intro to Composition
11-12 Practice clarinet
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Clarinet Lesson
2-3:30 Symphonic Band
4-5 Practice piano
5-6 Dinner
6-7 Do listening assignment/blog post in listening library'
7:30-8:30 Faculty Gala Concert

this was like the worst day i've ever had in terms of how much i had to do. blehh i hope i never have a day that crazy again.

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