Thursday, January 24, 2013

sins of the cat

Hey gs.

Aw g that does not sound like a good day.  Bleh I hate all of those feelings.

Well yesterday I was so hungry also because I didn't really have any food in my dorm and I didn't have time to go to the dining hall until dinnertime.

Oh Gobby your dining hall sounds like a suckfest. Also that is really unfortunate Hob because at my school there is delicious french fries and tortellini wow those are like some of the best things this place has to offer.

Well tbh I am judging my roommate for the things she is judging me for.  Like she is judging me for liking comic books so I am judging her right back for being close-minded about one of the greatest sources of entertainment this world has to offer. And she is judging me for staying in my room on an extremely cold weekend day on which I have a lot of homework to do and my best friend is out of town and I am judging her because who the fuck goes outside on that sort of day.

Also I am judging her for a ton of other things like:
*Having like 20 pairs of shoes??????
*Sleeping on her bed with just one sheet and nothing else like not even a bottom sheet she just sleeps on the mattress with just one sheet???? I have a bottom sheet and a top sheet and a comforter and three blankets idgi????
*Taking like two hours in the morning to get dressed and standing in front of the mirror forever doing ????? mystery activities????

Oh yeah speaking of that she woke me up today at like 7 am ON PURPOSE and asked me if she could use my laptop..... First of all I don't like to be woken up early in the morn and second of all I don't like people to use my laptop!!!!!  So I was like "I'd prefer that you didn't" and laid down to go back to sleep but then like a few minutes later she WOKE ME UP AGAIN and asked me again and idk I was so tired so I wanted to throttle her so I asked if it was really really really important like thinking she might get the hint that I didn't want her to be using my laptop but then she was like yes and I just wanted her to leave me alone so I let her use it but first I had to like close out of my internet stuff. RIP those tabs we will miss them!!!! And then she take is and I wasn't really paying attention but then I started hearing these sounds like ding ding ding so I look over and she's trying to close an error message like repeatedly just trying to close it even though its clearly not working so I was like "wtf man" and she's like "its not working" so I take it from her and she has two windows of internet explorer running??? And I want to chop her head off but instead I say" wow ok just use chrome" and she just says "????" so I open chrome and say "use the browser I opened" and then I give it back to her and this is when I checked the time and saw that it was 7 am so I had an hour until my alarm would go off so I just thought when she gave me my laptop back I would just chill for like an hour but she didn't give it back to me for like half an hour wow I wanted to slaughter her.

Okay I started drawing one of my ships like that and it looks p cute so far but idk how I will be able to show it to you once its done????

Aw g idk but my itunes doesn't have a play next function I don't think but idk my itunes is p old because I never update it and I would like to have that but I don't want to update it because that sounds p worthless idk.

But one thing I wish it if I could just finish at least one of these darn fanmixies!!!!

WOW I HATE when Noah is like "would you just okay" BLEH I want to PUKE ON HIM that's like what they say in How I Met Your Mother I think blehhhhhh.

Okay I am ending this post significantly later in the day than I started it so I can now inform you that I had delicious curly fries for dinner yum.

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