Wednesday, January 30, 2013

survival of the cats

Hey gs!

Wow my political science professor has an alliterative name so every time I read it I think he's a comic book character.

Yeah same usually I don't ever wish it was summer except that I want there to be no school but I keep wanting it to be summer rn like I'm just kind of tired of the feeling of winter bleh.

Uh the second pic I drew on paper and then scanned it and then digitally colored it so it looked like this:

Ew gross.

And then I colored it.

I did the same thing for this pic:

But idk.

Art is hard wow.

Wow okay so I am hearing that there is talk of casting someone to play the Rhino in TASM 2...  Well idk who the guy is really so I can't really say whether he would be a good Rhino or not.... But I'm not sure that anyone should play Rhino????  Like first of all, he was in the video game so I kind of thought that meant he wasn't going to be in any movies but idk.  Second, while he was okay in the video game I don't think it would work as well in a movie because I just think it would look kind of stupid like I mean he is literally a guy in a rhino costume and I just don't think that would go over well on a big screen also he's not very interesting so idk.  Okay and third, I thought it was a pretty sure thing that Electro is going to be in TASM 2 and I really don't want there to be two villains??? I mean just look at every superhero movie and you will see the best ones only have one villain because having more compromises the amount of time you can spend on the hero and on the villains and two is just never necessary. Also having Electro and Rhino makes me fear that they are going to try to have the Sinister Six which I think would be horrible because there's no way you can introduce six bad guys in one movie I mean wow.  Uh I guess the only way that would work is if you just assume everyone knows all of the Six and don't try to develop them separately and treat them as one.  But who really wants that??? Also okay to me right now it seems like they are trying really hard to stay away from any villains that were in the Raimi movies and that makes me really sad because I want to see Venom done right and it also makes me confused because I am really expecting Green Goblin especially since the whole first movie was pretty much centered around Oscorp and like Gwen is still alive so don't we have to do something about that???

Oops that was a really long paragraph.

Welp. Actually one a somewhat related note I heard they are thinking of making a Dr. Strange movie..... Well I like Dr. Strange as much as the next person....and by that I mean, does anyone really care about Dr. Strange????

I just want a Ms. Marvel movie!!!!!!!! Or how about a Heroes for Hire movies that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No okay Joy can't wear any of her shoes pretty much because they are all wildly inappropriate for Minnesota winter. Same with most of her clothes it seems like....

Hey Gob if you liked that video here's another you might like:

Also this one

Good times!

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