Wednesday, January 9, 2013

enter the cat

Hey gs!

Wow we haven't missed a day in five whole days!!!  Good job gs!!!

Wow Gob but two days a week you have stuff from 8-12 doesn't that suck???

Wait actually I just realized that's how it works in normal school kind of.


Yeah Gob those are the three. Idk why I would want to see the prequel to Monsters Inc. when the best part of Monsters Inc. was the cute little girl and it doesn't seem likely that she will be in the prequel and also I do not like prequels generally so.

But there is one movie that you did not put on your list that I am excited for and it is called The Wolverine and it is coming out in July so.

Yeah Hob these posts are so snore that is what I was saying.  Everyone should try to come up with an idea of how to get the interesting juices flowing in our posts maybe.

Also we still need a game so.

Oh wait I want to say that Jensen is having a baby so now they will both have babies that is so cute!

Also looks like they got to go the People's Choice Awards so goos for them and they didn't have to be these little guys filming in Canada all alone.

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