Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cat by moonlight

Hey gs!

Bleh my roommate is super worthless.

Her name is Joy which is ironic because she does not make me joyful at all.

*I can't understand a thing she says wow its like she's speaking english but it sounds like a dif language???
*She wakes up early and doesn't turn off her alarm in a timely fashion
*She is super tall idk why that is a bad quality but it is in this case
*She told me Spider-Man is only for boys wow what is that about
*I think she is judging me constantly
*She has this super smelly lotion or something idk and she uses so much of it and it makes the whole room smell like that constantly and it gives me a headache.
*Like yesterday I opened the window and the door (which is something I never do) to try to get the smell to go away but it didn't work bleh kill me.
*Also one times when she was rubbing the lotion on herself she asked me if it was bothering my eyes and it wasn't bothering my EYES so I said no but now I am paranoid I am going to go blind or something.
*She goes to sleep so early I am not even joking it is not even 7:30 right now and she is lying in her bed idk if she is asleep yet though.
*I have yet to see her touch her laptop like what how can you go two days without a computer????

Basically imagine the opposite of me and you will know my roommate.

I smell a sitcom.

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