Thursday, January 10, 2013

western cats

heyyy gs.

wow this internet is going so slow!  i guess when my roommate left and took his router with him that's what caused the internet to stop being as fast as it was before.  oh well, i can get a new router or something this weekend.

ahhh you know what i hate?  when there is an entire show on netflix that you are really into and is really awesome, but you don't want to go through it too fast.  especially when it is only one season long + a movie and that is all there will ever be!  like i've gone through 10 episodes in 3 days and i only have 4 more and the movie to watch and i could easily finish the show tonight and tomorrow but i'm kinda dreading getting to the end because it is so good.  but at the same time i'm really excited to find out all the answers to the mysteries. in case you're wondering, the show is firefly.  yeah ik i'm like 10 years late but it's still an awesome show.

oops this is a really short and useless post but oh well.  i'll do better next time.  i have homework to do right now

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