Tuesday, January 29, 2013

orange chicken

hey gs

wowo im so tired i want to die so i can sleep forever

why will no one stop talking in this world. i wish everyone would shut up wow the sound of ppls voices is so annoying especially when im trying to read. i want to throw up on this whole world

wow i am bored and i did nt bring a lunch today bc i was too tired to get one and i dont have money and i hate evryhing is this week over yet or this semester or this world even

those drawings are so nice para. did you draw the second one digital or color it or what. oh wow i know what you mean about when you use your foot as a hand wow thats the worst feeling in the whole universe and then you can't like do anything like move or anything until it goes away in a few mins

wow imagine if it was summer. usually i dont start wishing it was summer until like march or never but i wish it was that. here is what we would have:
*no school

what a nice list. i am crying just wanting those things

wtf why does joy have things but she doesnt use them. does she use all her shoes??? i wish the mysteries of joy could be explained to me. bleh i still have 1 hour until class. 2 hours until i can be done with class for 2day. 3 hours until i can go home. 4 hours until i can eat a thing. 7 hours until i can have dinner. 11 hours until i can go to bed.

theres a bad taste in my mouth

you know what maybe ppl should start their posts earlier in the day gob and then they'll be able to have a better post.

wow i just saw that the dtb ed changes. the world just couldnt get any worse. maybe it will be just for 1 ep or something. still that will be the worst episode

at least im home now but i have to stay awake until a reasonable bedtime or else i might have a trouble with sleeping for the third night


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