Friday, January 18, 2013

matter of the cat

Hey gs!

Idk Hob. Nah I'm not really wishing for Kelly back because I never actually want to hear Kelly's voice again.  Kelly has super annoying kind of southern accent and my new roommate has a much more pleasing accent even if I can't actually understand anything she says.

When that happens I pretty much smile and nod.

Also sometimes she asks me questions that first of all I can barely understand the words and second of all I don't know the answers to so its kind of also annoying.

But she is pretty nice so far I guess like she bought me a coke which is still in the refrigerator because I don't drink coke and she gave me some cookies which I ate and she game me some fruit which is also in the refrigerator because I haven't eaten  it yet and she offered me some peanuts which I politely refused and then she offered me peanuts again the next day.

I haven't given her anything but I was thinking about giving her the coke back and pretending it was another one that I bought. What do you think?

But also she keeps talking to her mom early in the morning and today she was watching a movie at 7:30 am apparently.

Also she has SO MUCH crap like her desk is covered in stuff and she has four suitcases and one of them is still full of clothes and idk where is is going to put them because her closet is full and her stuff is just like all over.


Okay Caitlin is in my english class nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

But goos a three day weekend!!!!!!!!!!

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