Tuesday, January 22, 2013

nomad cats

heyy gs.

wow i thought today was going to suck so badly but actually it wasn't that bad!  like i went to bed really late last night so i was worried i was going to have a hard time waking up but i woke up easily!  and i thought it would be a really bad day because tuesday is my busiest day of the week but it actually went by pretty fast!!!

wow you know what is really dumb though?  the dining hall had a "premium" dinner tonight where it cost a little extra and you got steak...but it was the worst steak i've ever had in my life.  it was so dry and it had like no flavor at all.  i felt like i got ripped off so much because they built up the meal to be special and be better since it cost more but really it was one of the worst meals i've ever had.  oh yeah and the only things to go with it that they served were some vegetables and stuffed portabello mushrooms.  usually there are 2 lines with separate things but tonight since it was the "premnium food" night both lines had the same stuff.  oh yeah and they gave you a ticket so that you could only have one steak.  what a rip off.

well sorry for that huge rant about my dinner but that's all i have time for in this post.  i'll post about something more interesting and important next time.

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