Sunday, January 27, 2013

cat unleashed

Hey gs!

Yeah same we want Gob punished!!!!

Nice pic of your ship g idk who those people are though.

I used the scanner in the library so....

Here's a dumb pic of my ship that accidentally became this monstrosity:

Look a that!!! It was just supposed to be an innocent picture of Spidey hugging Deadpool and you not being able to see Deadpool's reaction to it because of his mask but then when I colored Deadpool this happened wow.

Uh and then I digitally colored Peter blue-ish to match Stegman's art in SSM #1.

I am crying just looking at it help me.

Oh I also drew this stupid thing:


Wow okay this morning Joy stunk up our room with her stupid lotion and then I had to suffer that stink all day and then this afternoon she came in the room and was like "there's a smell in here" and I was like YEAH ITS YOU SLKDGJLSDJGLKSDJGLDSJ

Except I didn't say that.

Idk I thought she had a computer but she doesn't use it???? Idk!!!!!

Well okay but she has four suitcases so I don't see how there could be anything she didn't have room for....

Yesterday I got a kit kat bar from the vending machine and there was a milky way behind it but then when the kit kat fell our the milky bar went with it so I got them both.

Wow who's excited for the Iron Man 3 trailer tomorrow????????????

It was super warm today like 20 degrees????

Gob maybe JJ Abrams will make the Star Wars movie really Star Trekky to balance it out???

Do you ever try to use your foot as a hand and then your foot like seizes up and is really painful? I probably do that like several times a week....

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